Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Random Grab-Bag...

.:It's On Tonight!:.

If you've ever loved Star Wars Episode I, Liam Neeson was probably one of the biggest reasons you liked that film. With his versatile acting talent and his excellent command of dialogue and character, casting Mr. Neeson in any given role is a no-fail prospect for any film producer worth their salt.

Expect "Taken" to be no different. A story about a man seeking to rescue his kidnapped daughter, this film is not going to be just an action-packed smorgasbord, it's bound to be a psychological thriller all at the same time. The gravitas a Liam Neeson can bring to any role he plays is undeniable, and you can expect nothing but excellence from the man.

This movie opens tomorrow at your favorite theaters, from VIVA International Pictures. Make it a point to watch one of the most heavily anticipated films this year.

.:An Interesting Past Few Weeks...:.

Despite the hurly-burly, the past few weeks have certainly been worth taking note of. From my fun Valentine's day show in Holy Spirit, to being on hand during Perya night where I met the great Ony Carcamo once more, to the closure of Scans Daily and the fact that in a world where he is your Oscar voice-over dude, the Oscars snubbed Don Lafontaine in their "In Memoriam" Segment, it has been quite an amazing past few weeks.

In any case, let me dwell on a few of those topics...

.:The Death And Rebirth Of Scans Daily...:.

By now, you know that Livejournal pulled the plug on Scans Daily, citing "copyright violation" as the main reason it was given the boot.

I'm sure nobody in their right mind would say that Scans wasn't guilty of copyright infringement, but you can't help but feel bad that the community suddenly died. Were we all there to get scans of the latest comics so we didn't have to buy them anymore? In my case, I can safely say "no". I don't care much for comic book events not named "Blackest Night", and I do intend to buy that anyways once it's out in trades in 2010, so the appeal of Scans to me was the commentary from intelligent members, and finding out that hey, comics isn't always a sausage-fest hobby, and that's a great thing.

I'm sure Scans is alive in Insane Journal now, but it won't be quite the same, especially now that the archive is gone.

.:You Snubbed Don Lafontaine?!?:.

The Oscars paid the ultimate disrespect to Don Lafontaine, the man known as "The voice of God", by not including him in their "In Memoriam" segment at this year's Oscars.

I know this is a delayed, delayed reaction, but I was not pleased when I looked at the lineup of people they tributed, and one man, one legend, was not there.

Don Lafontaine was that telltale movie trailer guy you heard whose voice sounds unbelievably deep. The guy who goes "In a world where...", he has lent his voice to thousands upon thousands of movie trailers, video game trailers, and even commercials. This man was even the bloody voice of the Oscars for years, and they couldn't even take the time to thank him for it.

Well, I don't care what the Oscars think. Don Lafontaine was a man worth thanking, and he will always be a legend. A man whose voice I can always look up to. The voice that gave even the crappiest movie a glimmer of being good.

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