Monday, March 30, 2009

A Time For Celebration...

.:Ateneo De Manila, March 28:.

I'm exceptionally happy for my friends and former students who graduated from college and high school respectively, this past weekend. As a former teacher who still does what he can to teach, even just as a Philo tutor friend to some of my good friends from ADMU, I beam in pride as I see my friends and former students go forth to the next chapter of their lives with a pocketful of sunshine and a bagful of hope.

Last Friday, I was at the Ateneo graduation for SOH and SOSS. It was awesome seeing my friends graduate after all the stress they've had over their grades and all that jazz. From my friends in Philo to Ozy and to the ladies from I.D., and to even some of my random friends like Fideles, it was quite a moment, to say the least. I even ran into Alodia's parents, and my college batchmate, Darn, graduated from MA Comm that day as well.

The ceremonies were surprisingly short, though, considering about a thousand students or close to that number graduated last Friday, and I think the whole thing was finished before 7PM. If not that, well before 8PM.

I'm sure my friends will blaze their own trails with next to no effort. They're all awesome people, and I'm very honored to have been their friends. I wouldn't have it any other way. So to Darn, Crissey, Domz, Cat, Ozy, Arvin, Edjie, Fideles, and Karla, congratulations to all of you, and be the best you can be!

.:Reedley International School, March 29:.

I got a ticket from my former student Nicole, so I ended up attending the graduation ceremonies for Reedley International School. It was a very interesting experience, being there with former colleagues and former students alike, all things considered.

As an aside, this day was also Abby's birthday, and I even had a magic show shortly after the graduation ceremonies, for that matter. It was, without a doubt, a very action-packed day.

It was a pretty emotional event, what with the batch valedictorian really pouring her heart out in her valedictory address. It was such a raw, real moment, and I was proud of Joey Florento, even though I only ever subbed for her class when I was teaching. The only 3rd year class I taught last year was Yale, after all. That also explains why most of the people I approached were my kids from Yale.

Let me take a moment to beam about Dennis Kim, by the way. He was the Gerry Roxas leadership awardee, and I know that he has a lot going for him once he's in college. I truly believe he's got what it takes to continue being a great leader and a true paragon for his contemporaries.

Nonetheless, when I got there, a colleague suggested that I stand-in for Nicole's parents, since she had no one to accompany her onstage when she would receive her medals. I know the feeling of going up onstage alone at a time where someone should be up there with you, so I naturally agreed it was a good idea.

Anyways, when it was Nicole's turn, I sorta drew some minor controversy, but all in all, I think people recognized that it was just a simple gesture on my part, and there wasn't anything to read into beyond that. Nicole was one of my students, and if anyone else among my students asked me the same favor, I'd have done that for them as well, no questions asked.

So yeah, the RIS graduation, without a doubt, was very special to me. Yale was my favorite 3rd year class (Since they were my ONLY 3rd year class...), after all.

Congratulations, guys! You know I'm always here for you if you need anything from me that doesn't involve money or mathematics. =P

And who knows? Maybe my days as a teacher aren't quite over yet...

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