Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This. Is. Discrimination!

.:I've About Had It With This Crap...:.

Here comes another one of these inane articles: hello, homophobia!

What boggles the mind is why these military personnel think that being gay means they can't handle combat, and why being gay means they'll be any more "scandalous" than their straight members. This article reeks of homophobia and discrimination all around, and I can't help but shake my head at how backwards this kind of thinking is.

If there's one thing I'm ashamed of in being a Catholic (Or a Christian, for that matter.), it's the unbelievable amount of institutionalized homophobia we seem to mire ourselves in. Homophobia seems to be par for the course, something we expect because there's just something terrifying about homosexuals to those with narrow minds. Pardon me for scoffing aloud at this clear case of ignorance and bigotry.

We have racists who don't like the country they live in, we have a country that still asks for a picture for one's resume. Discrimination is still pretty much institutionalized here, and it becomes very much the case for homosexuals, more than anyone else.

Seriously, guys: what people do in their bedroom and with whom they do it is none of your fucking business.

From people who act disgusted over BB Gandanghari, to the people who voted for Prop 8, here's hoping that the tide of history will show you how wrong you truly are. If Jesus Christ were alive today, you think he would just condemn homosexuality?

Somehow, I think not.

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thegreatest said...

They're just afraid that Jesus(who was the ultimate gay dude: Peaceloving, surrounded by men, supposedly never had sex, and sported long hair, loooooved giving hugs) will get called out. It's a state of denial rry.