Thursday, March 25, 2010

The End Is The Beginning Is The End

.:The Moment Of Truth Is Upon Me:.

I honestly don’t know how to feel right now, as I hold the summons in my hands.

It has been a long hard road, and I now stare at nothingness.

Either which way, this is the end of the road.

.:Nuffies Attack!:.

The founders of Nuffnang, Tim and Ming, have finally dropped by the Philippines to check out how things are going. It was awesome!

The whole gang was at Mag: Net High street last Monday for a dose of Rockeoke! Just check out the video, and you’ll see how much fun we had throughout that night. Good food, good conversations, and memories all around. I almost regret having missed out on this much fun when the team went to the Regional Blog Awards in Singapore last October, if it weren’t for the fact that I had a successful night in PETA for “Bound And Gagged” happening at the same time.

It was quite an experience for me to encounter the founders of Nuffnang so far. They are funny, they are witty, but as it turns out, they’re also wise beyond their years. Getting some time out to look closely at them and understand what makes them tick has certainly helped us get a better handle of how we should be approaching what we do in this company and how it would be best for us to really meet our full potential here.

I, for one, am glad I found myself at a prime time where things are really on the cusp of a boom.

Monday would be the first of two nights straight where I sang “Beer” by the Itchyworms, currently my favourite song to sing to myself, even if, ironically, I don’t even drink.

Wednesday night was pretty interesting, too. We ended up having an awesome night at sir Jay’s humble abode as we were treated to a stellar night of food, drinks, and great company. Our friends from,, Between Bites, and quite a few more certainly had a memorable night with Tim and Ming and the entire Nuffnang team.

It was really special because Chef Heny Sison was actually there that night as a special favour to Carlos, and we were treated to an awesome heaping of food so good, I don’t even know how to spell ‘em! Needless to say, this meant I had five straight days of crunchy pork, and this one night involved Cochinillo.

Bonding with the various bloggers, getting to pick Tim and Ming’s brain, enjoying the company of my co-Nuffies, what more could a guy ask for from a night of revelry, right? For a more enticing coverage of this night, well, check out Tim’s post!

.:A Special Alchemy Night!:.

Tuesday night was marked by the fact that we raised a staggering 19,000 for a cause just with the power of some laughs, music, and magic. As I had to open the night for the Cartel people who were there, I decided to try out a few of my new one-liners, then follow it up with my tried and tested magic routines just to get the crowd up and at ‘em, ready for more comedy for the night.

I think it was one of the best nights we had, considering how many people just poured on in to support our cause. It’s pretty much the same way it has been for me during L&G in 2008 and B&G in 2009, and hopefully something either in 2010 or definitely in 2011, otherwise. Doing things for a cause has been something that has been very fulfilling and has allowed me to contribute myself to people in the best way I knew how.

More power to everyone that night, especially GB, who really made the whole night possible. It was awesome, and I was definitely happy to have been a part of it.

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Boss Stewie said...

Really had fun spending some time with you guys Marcelle! Looking forward to our next trip ! :)