Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Articles On The POC...

.:Oh, Look! A Couple Of New Articles!:.

I’m sort of on a roll lately writing for The POC, and here are a couple of articles I wrote on the political side of the spectrum...

“Made Of Win” covers my thoughts on mayoral candidate Erwin Genuino, who seems to be going strong heading into the new elections. On a personal level, I do like what he stands for and how he thinks, but it’s all moot as I’m not a Makati voter.

On the other hand, nobody is spared as I talk about each presidential candidate in my other article, and comment how they are one-trick ponies. It’s really a bit sad that they revolve around only one thing, and even in light of the fact that the one thing they hinge their candidacy upon isn’t really working, they prove that they are anything but multi-dimensional. It’s a very harsh rundown of all the candidates, and I’d like to keep it that way rather than salivate over one presidentiable or another.

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