Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Thoughts On A Busy Day...

.:The Mike Defensor Meet And Greet, Straight Up:.

Decided to write a bit of a note about the whole thing out of character, and just say that for the most part, I can see where Mr. Defensor is coming from. It’s really difficult to overlook his ties to the president at the moment, but he does make a compelling case to not just accept Herbert Bautista’s candidacy without so much as giving him a closer look.

Also, the roast beef was awesome. I should’ve mentioned that in the article and devoted an entire paragraph to it, because it really was wonderful. Now I’m craving for it again. Mmmm...

.:DK’s Dynamic:.

There seems to be a big change happening with one of the hosts of the Disenchanted Kingdom. Not that there’ll be a changing of the guard, but the host himself/herself will be undergoing quite a change, to say the least.

This situation bears watching.

In the meantime, today’s DK, even without Logan, was incredibly showbiz. We were throwing a whole bunch of blind items at the listeners, and I loved how we kept on making guess after guess in between every single commercial. Marf handling the board today just resulted in a very fast-paced show once the showbiz segments started happening. It was just good, insane fun.

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