Sunday, March 28, 2010

On A Hopeful Note...

.:Fabucelles Is Back?:.

Well, looks like another article from the irrepressible Fabucelles has been published. This is really turning into quite an interesting season of writing, to say the least.

.:A Matter Of Coincidence:.

That’s the title of the new article I wrote for the POC. Essentially, I was trying to prove how the current power crisis has nothing to do with benefitting our beloved president. It’s all a matter of coincidence, you see. Pure chance.

The links within the article seem to be missing at the moment, though. That might prove to be a bit of a problem.

.:Prelude To A Brand-New Day:.

One of my best friends is celebrating her birthday on Monday, and that would be Abby. We met up at the Fort, and she treated me to a lunch that involved roast duck, so I was a very happy camper. :D

Talking to her, it seems that our lives have been running parallel to each other a lot lately. Considering that she’s one of the friends I’ve known the longest, it’s not exactly easy to find new things about each other that we haven’t known before, yet it seems to be happening as of late with frequency. All things considered, that’s something to be majorly grateful for. Abby has always been the friend I could turn to no matter how bad things get, and I’m very happy that we managed to find some time to catch up with each other.

I think about how many years it’s been, and I realize that we’ve got it good. It’s very rare to have that one person who has been a permanent fixture in your life year in and year out, and I can’t thank Abby enough for being precisely that person. As we go through a lot of things in the hurly burly of daily life and understanding what life holds for us, I look forward to many more opportunities to see her, to thank her, and to be there for her like she’s always been there for me.

If eight years ago, the person who I am today came back in time and told the past me that I would be this way with Abby after all those years, I probably wouldn’t believe my future self. We’ve gone through so much over the years, and neither of us could possibly conceive how much we’ve learned and grown with each other.

Things are wide open for Abby and myself right now, albeit it’s fairly safe to say that the future holds the both of us still remaining very good friends as the years go by. As I close a particular chapter in my life thanks to certain circumstances that have beset me lately, I look forward to the journey, knowing one of the most wonderful human beings in my life is going to be just around when I would need her. As I think about my kids from Reedley who are graduating later, and my friends in ADMU who graduated yesterday, I see that while it would’ve been a wonderful moment to be onstage with all of them, it’s not really something that represents me, much less defines me, to begin with.

It appears that ship has set sail, and it took a realization that I’m not the only one who’s letting some ships set sail when it comes down to it. There’s so much more I have to do, there’s so much more I have to think about, and focusing on that is a lot more important than certain other things that shall remain unnamed.

Happy birthday to you, Abby. You know that there are better things lying in wait for the both of us, and our time will come as we keep working for it.

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