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Lost Gems Of Philippine History: Ang Talaarawan Ni Diosdado Macapagal, Part II

Part 1 is here.

.: Lost Gems Of Philippine History: Ang Tala-Arawan Ni Diosdado Macapagal, Part 2:.

It took me a while to decipher these bits and pieces, but here’s the second half of the very telltale parts I found in the late Diosdado Macapagal’s diary. I hope you appreciate the great public service I have rendered in showing you these entries.

25 January, 1963,

I was introduced to Gloria’s first boyfriend today. He seems very nice. Magaling at matalino siyang bata. I’m glad she decided to date this young man instead of that other boy who kept on visiting Gloria. He reeks. Parang naligo sa dagat ng basura, eh.

Then again, whenever I see that other boy with Gloria, there’s a twinkle in her eyes I can’t quite explain. Maybe there’s more to this than meets the eye.

15 August, 1964,

Out of concern for her well-being, I asked Gloria if she’s been getting any exercise. “Plenty,” she said. I’m glad.

Apparently, Gloria had recently taken up a new hobby for her health. She’s running. She keeps running and running everywhere. I have this feeling she’ll keep on running for a long time, even when she’s not supposed to run anymore.

10 May, 1965,

It looks like I’m not getting elected for a second term, given the exit polls. It disheartens me, but I suppose this will be the end of my political career. Gloria is furious. She swears she will avenge me someday. I don’t quite know what that means, but I don’t like the sound of it.

After ten years, Gloria is *still* 4’11.

10 July, 1966,

This young man named “Jose Pidal” is asking my daughter’s hand in marriage. Who is this guy?

11 July, 1966,

I stand corrected. His name is Mike Arroyo.

02 August, 1968,

Today, I give Gloria away. I know Mike will be a good provider and will do whatever it takes to give my daughter nothing but the best. He is a great businessman, and he has the broadest band of resources available to make it happen.

26 March, 1969,

Today, Mikey is born. He will be a great man someday. Perhaps even greater once he gets married.

But if my count is correct, it’s only been less than nine months since Gloria got married. How is this, I can’t even... premature, maybe?

28 July, 1984,

Is it just me, or did she just get implants? Why?!?

22 February, 1986,

People are gathering to demonstrate against President Marcos today. Will he step down against all this pressure? Gloria called me on the phone to tell me that she’s taking notes on this as we speak. I wonder why.

10 October, 1987,

What a chip off the old block. Gloria was asked by President Aquino to become assistant secretary in the Department of Trade and Industry. Could this be the start of bigger and better things for my little princess?

Also, Gloria is *still* 4’11.

02 May, 1990,

I am very alarmed by the state of our country. Although democracy has been restored, the stench of bureaucracy and corruption has emanated far worse than it ever has in a time of democracy. I am very disturbed by it, and I would rather that my cherub wash her hands of this grime.

03 May, 1990,

As difficult as it was for her to acquiesce to my wishes, Gloria has decided not to seek public office in 1992. Whew. Crisis averted.

10 November, 1991,

Gloria has reneged on her promise to me, and decided to run for Senator next year. As betrayed as I felt, I understood when she explained that she is running because God has called her to.

30 June, 1992,

I’m proud of Gloria. Apparently, God has indeed called her to the Senate, as she topped the polls and has garnered a lot of good will all over the country. Surely, she will not repeat her old man’s mistakes and know that the Senate is a great place for her to ply her trade in, where she can do the most good for the country as a fiscalizing legislator who will know how to continue to raise the country’s economic standing.

15 April, 1997,

This will perhaps be my last entry, as it’s been increasingly difficult writing while here in the hospital. As my last dying request from my daughter, I asked Gloria to not seek higher office come 1998. She has done so well in the Senate, and I know that she will do the best work that she can while she is there. I fear that if she ran for higher office in 1998, it would irreversibly corrupt the sweet, innocent child she has always been to me.

She promised me this morning that she will honor my wishes and my name. Surely, she will not go back on her word to her dying father.

I always thought she’d at least be 5’ by now, but I was sadly mistaken.

21 April, 1997,

I’m surprised at how well I’ve been recovering. I might actually just make it past all of this, and... wait... who cut the wires to my oxygen tank? Y-you – how could you? Oh, no...

And with that, his diary entries came to an abrupt end. Most interesting, don’t you think?

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