Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Project 365 (62/365): The 100-Foot Rope Escape

.:62/365: The 100-Foot Rope Escape:.

The amazing thing about this escape is that the bigger and more menacing-looking the rope you use for the escape is, the better your odds of actually getting away in record time from the whole mess.

The 100-Foot Rope Escape is one of the most entertaining forms of escapology out there simply because it challenges the audience to attempt to restrain you by using their own creative thinking and ability to form knots and the like. The implicit challenge is that you must be able to escape from the rope in a shorter amount of time than it took for the challengers to tie you up.

The rules should be obvious: they can tie you up, but they’re not supposed to rough you up. Essentially, they can’t tie your neck to a chair, or make sure that you chafe on the rope, or anything of the sort. Outside of that, they are free to execute any way they feel like it, and it’s up to you to liberate yourself in a timely fashion.

This is one of the most impressive demonstrations of escapology available just about anywhere, even on the street. Some of the most daring escapes require a different setting altogether, but the 100-foot rope escape gets by on just a length of rope, a chair, and two very enthusiastic volunteers. You can’t go wrong with a routine that is a definite crowd-pleaser for minimal investment on your part.

The most amazing part of the escapology series is that more often than not, there are no secrets to speak of when it comes to escapology. All one really has to do is to figure out how to do it. It’s a skill, not a trick.

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