Saturday, March 06, 2010

Monday, I Open For The Comedy Cartel. Tuesday, I Open For The Itchyworms!!

.:Shameless Plugs:.

On Monday, I open for Tim Tayag and the rest of the Comedy Cartel at Spicy Fingers, 8:00 PM onwards in Greenbelt 2. I’ll be doing standup comedy to get the party started, then you’ll be treated to laugh after laugh after laugh from the best standup comedians in the country today.

On Tuesday, I will be opening for the Itchyworms in 70’s Bistro! Yes. You got that right. I’ll be doing my unique brand of comedy magic, and you can catch me there around 10:00 PM. 70’s Bistro is in Anonas, and the Worms are among my personal idols in Philippine music.

Plus, after all this, I have a TV guesting to do for The Sweet Life soon. This is hot on the heels of Jay Mata’s guesting this Monday on the said show. :D


Ran into Michelle, Grysh, and J again the other day. I was a bit taken aback to be invited at first, but when she told me she had something to offer me, I knew what this was all about right off the bat.

Nonetheless, I went and listened to what they have to say, then promptly ended things by bending metal right before their eyes. Nice way to end a discussion, so it seems.

.:Why GMA?:.

With pride, I share with you my latest article, and it details why I support GMA. Wholeheartedly.

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