Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Project 365 (304/365): The Spirit Cabinet

.:304/365: The Spirit Cabinet:.

This is the Spirit Cabinet, as performed by the recently departed Glenn Faulkenstein and Willard.

A true classic, hailing back arguably even before Houdini’s time, this involves having a restrained woman inside a cabinet, and having the most ghastly of things happening while she’s clearly bound. The mystery is how these things happen yet once the curtains or cabinet are opened, the woman is still clearly in the exact same position as we left her before we let her out of sight.

Pretty amazing stuff, to say the least, and certainly one of the best “ghost” effects you could ever hope to see, as it’s handled by two great performers who came together to really present a marvel of ingenuity.

Granted, back in the day, the Spirit Cabinet was used to elicit realism, as it was insisted that the spirit within the cabinet was very much real, but thanks to Harry Houdini’s unrepentant myth-busting, this kind of aspect quickly faded into the background, albeit some people still do go around places to perform this as if it were the real thing.

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