Friday, November 12, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (315-317)

.:315/365: Cold Reading:.

Cold reading seems to be that phenomenal thing where someone just manages to tell you so many things “you couldn’t have possibly known.” Despite that, isn’t it funny how it mostly relies on vague words and minimal details rather than elaborate messages? If one could really speak to the dead, why are they mumbling?

I don’t know, really. Cold reading is a skill I’ve picked up, but one I’m not fond of utilizing to its fullest extent. Despite that, trust me when I say that cold reading in the hands of an expert could yield countless hours of entertainment and amazement, to say the least.

.:316/365: Dowsing:.

What if you can find water by using two rods and their frequencies would just answer the questions for you?

What if it were all just a big, fat lie? Well, it only takes a simple blind test from one James Randi to find out, eh?

.:317/365: Graphology:.

Psychoanalysis based on how a person looks, acts, and writes have been utilized with varying degrees of success, but graphology experts have always claimed accuracy in the face of heavy criticism. What makes graphology seem paranormal is that it can claim to know how a person acts and thinks just based on their handwriting, which I personally find hard to believe, in all honesty.

Regardless, James Randi goes on yet again to see if this phenomenon is testable and observable, and the results are... disappointing, to put it mildly.

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