Friday, November 19, 2010

Project 365 Smorgasbord (321-323)

.:321/365: Astral Projection:.

If you can walk to another place without necessarily being even there, how do you think it would feel? How does one’s soul, tethered by the finest of threads to your corporeal self, go out and travel elsewhere, and then come back with details and memories of these travels?

Is this sane? Is this even possible? Or are we merely deluding ourselves into thinking that it can be done? And if true, is it possible to not find your way back? Well, I guess that’s one of the main reasons why I’m not so keen on doing astral projection, whether or not it’s true.

.:322/365: Spirit Of The Glass:.

Believe it or not, a lot of old-school paranormal performers do use this as part of their more intimate shows. There’s something that seems so powerful about having the ability to communicate with the dead, and to this day, it’s unclear if the Spirit of the Glass is the genuine article, or a result of mass hysteria. The fact that the glass seems to move on its own accord and every individual holding the glass swearing it wasn’t them moving it does lend that theory a lot of credence.

This practice hails back to centuries ago, and with something like a Ouija board, people come together to ask spirits questions answerable by the characters on the board. It’s a very eerie experience, and something I personally hope to never have to deal with myself.

.:323/365: Spirit Photography:.

Sometimes, it can really boggle the mind how a device like the camera can catch things that the naked eye can’t. Terrifying as it may be, photographs just capture images that tell us there are spirits out there.

Are these images believable? Or are they merely fabrications of a wild imagination. Ultimately, as this month has clearly demonstrated, Spirit Photography is but one aspect of the obsessive fascination people have for the paranormal. While I have yet to find an actual magic act that utilizes this fully, Ghost Vision is one of those mentalism acts that does allude to this phenomenon.

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