Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project 365 (314/365): Psychic Surgery

.:314/365: Psychic Surgery:.

Aaaaand this month just took a weird turn into “debunking psychic chicanery bullcrap” instead of just out and out paranormal magic, but hey, that’s a welcome change of pace.

Psychic surgery is the often-hyped ability of certain people to use only their hands to extract cancerous organs and the like. It’s supposedly painless, supposedly effective, and supposedly doable through the grace of God-given powers as done by individuals like Jun Labo, and as experienced by the late Andy Kaufman.

Imagine paying through the nose to be cured of cancer through someone just fumbling around inside your body, and then removing what does appear to be a cancerous organ that you apparently won’t ever miss.

And then you find out that it was all an act, and at best, you were given a most convincing placebo. Does this still sound the least bit justifiable to you?

Well, that’s how psychic surgery works, and when you abuse basic magic principles to substitute for genuine medical treatment, then you’re being quite a douchebag, to say the least, magic code or no magic code...

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