Friday, November 05, 2010

Random Thoughts While Staying Up Way Too Late Before Going To A Company Thing...

.:This Is A True Magician:.

Ummm.... yeah.

.:Demi Lovato’s In Rehab!:.

In what appears to be a pattern for Disney stars, Demi Lovato of Camp Rock fame entered rehab recently. Compared to other Disney/former Disney stars excluding Hillary Duff, this is pretty tame and actually laudable as Demi did this for her own good and before things truly got out of hand, but one does wonder what’s going on in Disney’s tinseltown that so many of their talents/former talents get pretty messed up for one reason or another.

One hopes that Demi Lovato does recover from this ordeal, but right now, she’s exactly where she’s supposed to be now.

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skysenshi said...

Why is it that Disney stars become self-destructive...I think Disney should look into it.