Friday, September 22, 2006

Backblogging Part I...

.:Backblogging: Thursday, 14 September, 2006:.

Wednesday was relatively non-happening because I was mostly just doing my playlists, so the bulk of the eventful stuff happened today, when I decided to have Elbert come over to work and spirit me away as we had our “meeting”. Truth be told, that was mainly an excuse for me to get away from the office as soon as possible. I was feeling dumber and dumber by the minute, but there was a mild cause of excitement for me on that day.

I received a text message from a friend working at ETC, Lally. She asked me if I wanted to have a date with Sam Oh, and I naturally agreed. That being said, I was telling Elbert about it, as we headed to the press so that he could meet Jamie and go to Xavier for a small art workshop. They lectured grade 4-6 students, and I found it pretty amusing that they were paying more attention to my PSP than anything else. That being said, the cool part of all this was that it was possible that this could lead up to an art workshop for ICA, and I told El that I couldn’t miss *that* for the world. Nonethelesss, we went on, and by the time Elbert was done with his part of the workshop, he gave a bit of a personal lesson to one kid who was eager to learn at the back, and the other kids promptly stopped listening to Jamie’s lecture at front and flocked around El.

Apparently, this was “revenge” of sorts for the fact that Elbert hasn’t been receiving a cent for his contributions to Nautilus since he resigned, and this was the running joke for the day. Anytime something goes wrong it’s because “Hindi pinapaswelduhan ni Jamie si Elbert”.

At one point, JP of Hero Channel, the ones who organized this whole workshop, wanted to make ex-deals with me since I do precisely that for WAVE. When I mentioned ICA, he promptly and jokingly offered me an ex-deal of students, which had me grinning from ear to ear.

So anyways, Estelle then met us at Megamall after the whole thing, and we hung out a while although since school began, I’m glad that ‘Elle’s been making the effort to go home earlier and all that. Shortly after, my uncle fetched me, then took me to Hot Rocks for dinner and I had two milkshakes there. Steak was awesome… hehe.

.:Backblogging Corollary: My Flashdisk:.

I apparently lost my flashdisk when it dropped out or something while I was having dinner with my uncle that night. It was a bit frustrating because some of my key unpublished blog entries, namely on Scientology and I believe the Gospel of Judas, were there and I wasn’t through edting them just yet.

In there were some pictures all the same, although I prolly had backups of those pictures.

But it’s not that. What I really felt bad about losing were the chat transcripts.

You see, I’m the kind of person who would do something like that. I’d really have transcripts and keep every conversation I’ve had with significant people. At this point of my life, few people are more significant, and a good chunk of those transcripts, well... fill in the blanks.

I’m an emotional packrat, and more than anything else, I really feel bad about losing memories that I kept for so long. I can’t believe I was too stupid to not back those files up…. Sigh.

.:Backblogging: Friday, 15 September, 2006:.

I finally got a 4GB Memory Stick for my PSP. Shortly afterwards, I was receiving confirmation from Lally that yes, I was going to be part of Elimidate on Saturday for Sam Oh’s show. You can tell I was beside myself with glee, and when I was asked to prepare something creative, I knew what I had to do.

Too bad El refused to draw. :P

Anyways, April and Estelle soon showed up at G2, and along with them was Alex and JP, which led to some v-ery interesting pictures, to say the least. I’ll show all the pictures in a separate post… heh. It’s a bit difficult to put all of that in this uber-long backblog.

After a bit of conversation that included rating girls from 1 to 10 as they passed by the foodcourt, we then went off to Icebound, which was difficult, since we had no idea whatsoever where it was. Other than the fact that there were lots and lots of hot girls there in the party, it really did me no favors, especially since looking at Chinese hot girls with long hair tend to remind me of people I’d rather not be reminded of while in the middle of a party.

I especially didn’t find the whole setup amusing mainly because other than the fact that it was cold there (No duh. It’s Icebound, after all.), the party was really meh. And this is coming from a guy who isn’t even a party animal, to begin with.

So after a few minutes, we just headed out to Seattle’s Best, and I led Elbert there, which of course wasn’t the smartest thing to do when you realize El’s mood as of late, over a lot of things. Still, it was all good… we even had fun singing along as this Law Student was playing his guitar near us… heh.

I got home pretty late after I hitched with April, but it’s no big deal, I guess. It was d-day. Sam Oh was beckoning me.

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