Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Read My Mind...

.:Quote For The Day:.

Someone had this to say about Charles:

He's really interesting when he's not creeping me out...

Quoted for truthery.

.:Ish Her Birthday:.

My mom celebrated her birthday yesterday, and I have to say that she certainly doesn't look a day over thirty.

The other day, I kinda gaffed when I accidentally informed my uncle about this party. I kinda forgot that my mom tends to not invite her siblings to her parties, and that resulted in me being told to shut my trap next time. No worries, though, as it all smoothed itself over in the end.

It was a pretty cool party, really. So-called acoustic nights, and we had people singing songs all the way from The Beatles to Hoobastank, and I didn't sing along with them until near the end of the party when Dondon started playing Eraserheads. I never realized that I am now capable of hitting the high notes of E-Heads songs. I was always under the impression that it just wouldn't work out too well for me... heh.

While there was a lot of cause for celebration, my mom was also miffed over how Ice Cravings turned out. The business has to close down mainly because her partner has been cheating her out of profits and the claim is that IC is now losing money. Well, so much for that friendship. I know 2 Million is a lot of money, but I still don't think it's worth losing a friendship over, quite frankly.

In any case, enough of that. Initially, I was supposed to go there with two other friends, as the three of us were supposed to perform Billy Joel's “For The Longest Time”. Out of the three of us, I was going to be the bass.

Then, one of them backed out. That left me as the rhythm, one other as the vocals.

Then, due to an incredible amount of work (If I could draw, I'd have helped him out myself... sigh.), he backed out, too.

That left the one guy who doesn't know the lyrics at all to man the fort, which was why I went there without expecting to sing at all.

Interesting tidbit: one of the guests was Fanny Serrano. That was cool.

.:Speaking Of Birthdays...:.

Let’s play mind-reader. I’m sure all people I’m trying to reach out to are going to be reading this.

So, read my mind…

It would be a great show of delicadeza if certain people I initially invited but don't have the heart to uninvite would have the decency not to bother showing up. It's already been a bad year thus far, do I even have to be under duress to be “happy” on my so-called celebration?

If you, for one moment, feel I’m hinting that I’d rather not see you on that day, then have enough delicadeza to step off. Batu-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, dapat lang.

Conversely, even if I never had the chance to invite certain people, you are more than welcome to gatecrash and show up on that day, simply because if circumstances were different, I’d personally ask you because I do want to see you there.

Alternatively, given all the grief, I'm beginning to consider just canceling the whole thing altogether, since I really just don't feel like there's anything to celebrate about. Had I known things would turn out this way, I should've quit while I was ahead the moment I hit 22.

This year has been a year of heartaches, betrayal, and disappointments, and obviously, it being September has done nothing to change that.

I would just implore anyone who at one point or another cared enough in my life and happens to be reading this to just give in to my simple annual request. I wish for a handwritten letter. Something I could treasure and keep, no matter what happens from this point on. This year has been a miserable year, and it would be my only source of consolation...

If you ever gave a damn about me at all, and if there is that small place in your heart for me that still cares, even just by one iota, I would genuinely treasure a letter from you.

If you think for one moment I'm talking about you, then I am talking about you.

Please. More than ever, I most certainly need this.

Let’s play mind-reader. Where do you fit in this picture I just painted?

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