Friday, September 01, 2006


.:Today's LSS:.

Wella, if you're reading this, I'll greet you tomorrow when I go on air. Hehehe.

Snakes On A Plane ( Bring It )
by Cobra Starship

Samuel L. Jackson:
"That's it!
I've had it with these motherfucking snakes
on this motherfucking plane!"

Times are strange
We got a free upgrade for
snakes on a plane.
Fuck em, I don't care.
Bought the cheap champagne,
we're going down in flames, hey.

Oh, I'm ready for it
Come on, bring it.
Oh, I'm ready for it
Come on, bring it.
Oh, I'm ready for it
Come on, bring it.
Oh, I'm ready for it
Come on, bring it.

So kiss me goodbye.
Honey, I'm gonna make it out alive.
So kiss me goodbye.
I can see the venom in their eyes.

It's time to fly,
to make the stars align
with the serpentine
lounging in their suits and ties.
Watch the whore's parade
for the price you paid, hey.

Repeat CHORUS, then REFRAIN x2.

Ladies and gentlemen
These snakes are slitherin'
with dollar signs in they eyes
with tongues so reptilian
This industry's venemous
with cold-blooded sentiment
No need for nervousness
It's just a little turbulence.

Repeat REFRAIN x2, then CHORUS

We seem to be losing altitude
at an alarming pace
Midtown downtown
Snakes on a blog
I suggest you grab your ankles
and kiss your ass goodbye.

.:Ever Since I Started Believing That N.U. Exists...:.

Well, I've been a bit busy, but I've been talking with a unicorn, the Tooth Fairy, and Santa Claus a lot lately, too.

I keed, I keed!

Nonetheless, the infamous N.U. bus that everyone else other than me saw the first time!

.:A Trip To Las Pinas City Jail:.

It was, to say the least, an unexpected “adventure” of sorts. For some odd reason, I seem to be the welcome recipient of a lot of these adventures with my close friends, which I definitely wouldn't be complaining about one bit...

Anyways, it was a Monday, and I didn't have anything in particular lined up, so I went with Estelle all the way to Las Pinas, so she can visit some of the prisoners she went into some sort of immersion with some time ago. I got to meet three of the prisoners, Bong, Talent, and Cooky, and of course, the police chief in the precinct, and it was a really nice experience, to say the least.

It's easy to paint prison cells as a place where people just get around and do nothing but cause trouble, being the rejects of society that they supposedly are, but when you get to the real thing, you begin to realize that if it's not a maximum security prison, you probably will get a far more endearing picture.

I remember something Ric Flair said in his biography that really stuck to me that can sum it up ever so nicely... if I hear nothing but bad things about someone yet that person is an A+ human being in dealing with me, that's not my problem. I'd rather evaluate someone on how they are to me than how they are to most everyone else.

That being said, these guys were nothing but nice to Estelle and by extension, to me. It was pretty interesting hearing them tell their stories, and listening to them talk about everything from the DVD's they enjoyed watching to how Cooky ended up in jail in the first place. All in all, it was a very fruitful visit, and I have this compunction to drag Elbert back to the Buklod center in Olongapo to make good on our keeping in touch with the people we had an immersion with way back in senior college...

In any case, afterwards, 'Elle and Kel headed off to her other best friend's house, ND. That one is an equally interesting story, to say the least.

.:Any Friend Of Yours Is A Friend Of Mine:.

ND and I hit it off very well from the start, and it turned out she was even a listener to my show! Anyways, since I'm assuming certain details are still not spillable in public, I guess the most I could say is that ND's been dealing with a bit of stuff lately, and I suppose it's just a good thing to be in the company of friends, particularly those who appreciate her marvelous culinary skills. She can cook a mean chicken mechado...

Afterwards, we just hung around her subdivision, as we walked a bit to and fro, and shared stories that, for the most part, gave me a good idea of how Estelle tends to just spontaneously gel with the friends she has. It was definitely cool, and it took a bit of prodding, but ND finally agreed to sleep over at Estelle's, and I told them I would gladly greet them and then some on my show for Tuesday...

Conversations about GJ were actually pretty amusing, and though Elbert was nowhere to be found, the topic about him was broached quite often, as there was a lot to say about him while he wasn't around... hahaha... I'll leave it to his overactive imagination to figure out what I meant by that... bwahahahahaha...

.:Insomaniacs, Tuesday Edition:.

Bonding with Estele and ND that Monday night carried me over into my Tuesday show with a lot of life, so I actually put callers on air, which led me to getting to know this caller who goes by the name “Moon”. I won't say what her full name is since it's a bit embarrassing for her sake, but she was a very nice person to talk to, and we had a fairly engaging conversation about random topics left and right. By the end of the whole conversation, she ended up asking my phone number from me, which I gave because I genuinely appreciated how she kept me company for about a half hour or so on the phone, and she instantly set up a meeting with me...

She's been awfully nice lately, even offering to sing me a lullaby and so forth. Ah, well. Ish all good, I suppose.

After I ended my conversation with her, Estelle called, and she couldn't even make a solid attempt to fool me into thinking she was a different person... heh. However, when she went on air, she introduced herself as Elbert, and then greeted Estelle, Marcelle, and ND. =P Sheer hilarity. After a long conversation where we just really talked about mainly debating, and then by extension, how I've been coping lately, and even a bit of sing-along when I played “Gaya Ng Dati”, ND then took over so she can go on air as well.

The kicker about this was that at this point, 'Elle fell asleep, which allowed me and ND to swap stories about 'Elle and El. Take it for what you want it to mean, but well, I would like to believe it was a good exchange that has done wonders about how ND views Elbert and how I view Estelle, which has already been good, to begin with.

Ah, basta. It was awesome company, and as I told Estelle, any friend of hers, is a friend of mine. Yes. Even GJ. Jus' kidding. =P


Well, supposedly, after a peace offering of a discount “Eager Reader” card, I think me and the roommate I've been having problems with lately buried the hatchet already and called it quits.

Of course, this wasn't the guy who's been stealing my money, so that's a different story altogether... heh.

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Anonymous said...

yung roommate mo ba na nagnanakaw ng pera mo, same roommate na nagnanakaw ng electricfan n'yo? hahaha. :p just curious.

by the way, thanks for posting this. i quite frankly don't have a good memory, so all i have to do to remember our fun hang-outs is to visit your blog, you autobiographical blogger you! hahaha. *hugs* i should probably have commented on your lj, but yeah. haha. see ya later bessy! - estelle