Friday, September 22, 2006

Rated Oh...

.:Backblogging: Rated Vid-Oh-Ke!:.

It was Saturday..

I woke up and got ready to go to the taping, as we were supposed to meet at Greenbelt, and I was particularly clueless what to expect. I was a bit confident about my odds of winning the date, but with these things, you can never be too sure, especially since challenges and stuff don’t matter, and all that’d really matter is who Sam would pick.

In essence, I was going up against two guys… (Refer to my earlier pictures for reference.) Lance, and the so-called “Scam Milby”, David. We were given archetypes, and I was “boy next door”, David was “bad boy”, and Lance was “serious”. We had to hole up at Red Box Karaoke, where we simply just sat around and got ourselves acquainted with each other by singing our lungs out with whatever song we felt like singing at the moment. I had my creative piece ready for Ms. Oh, and I was pretty sure it was going to floor her, no matter what.

Anyways, Lance is the brother of Lally’s boyfriend, while David was one of those models from Cosmo magazine, and is a talent for ABS-CBN. He really looks like Sam Milby, and I’ll explain a bit later how that panned out for us.

Anyways, after a bit, we finally got the show on the road, and I was the first guy they got to show up in front of Sam. It opened with the requisite kiss on the cheek, and then after some banter, we had to do a second take since she forgot about the creative work.

So I showed her. It was a sketch of her in anime style, and I really tried my best to get it right. But in the middle of two sketches, I had a poem written down, and she asked me to read the poem to her. So I did.

Two lines into the poem, I started folding up the paper and handing it to her while I continued reciting the rest of the poem from memory. She was floored, and I knew I achieved what I wanted to achieve from the start: I made an impact from the first impression.

I then left and holed back up in our videoke room as the other two guys had their turn. We were then called to come together on-cam for the first time for the first challenge: the videoke challenge. To make things difficult, they picked the song for us.

I got “All By Myself”, and I hit the song effortlessly. I knew the lyrics, and I even knew how to add Sam Oh’s name somewhere in the lyrics just to drive home the point that I really knew what I was doing. Ha. It was funny though that when they asked me if I knew how to sing, I said “no, not at all,” which made for a good ploy to shock them when they found out I actually could. It was definitely a good run and I pulled out the stops. Unlike the other two guys, I was playing to win the date.

David got a couple of songs he had no idea how to sing at all. One has to be completely shocked over the fact that he did not know what “Bed Of Roses” was, or who Bon Jovi is!!! That being said, he finally got to sing “I Want It That Way”, but despite being a singer for ABS, he flubbed because he was sick. Lance just managed with his song, 98 Degrees’ “Because Of You”. If they gave out scores, I’d have to say I won that one handily.

After that point, we then had interviews where we talked smack about the other contestants, since in Elimidate, you can’t be friends with your competition. You have to see it to believe it. I was really talking some smack, and it ended with:

First knight, also gonna be the last knight
You guys aren’t gonna be treading so light
I’m gonna fight for Ms. Oh with all my might
Yo guys, ::waves hand in front of face:: you can’t see me, aight?

The cameraman joked at me and said, “Thank you, Mr. Cena”.

.:Backblogging: Rated Oh No!:.

After the first challenge, we all rode with Lance to get to the next challenge venue, Westin Philippine Plaza.

David and I turned out to be movie nuts, and he even did me one better by saying his favorite quote from every movie we brought up to talk about. If he knew the film, he had a quote. It was cool, and despite the supposed on-cam hostilities, all three searchees were getting along marvelously, and Sam was even with us in the car, so we really got to bond and talk about stuff like what Sam used to do before becoming a TV host (She was a corporate interpreter.), or how many times David gets mistaken for Sam Milby (All the time.). Hades, even the owner of Red Box was fooled.

Now, along the way, Lance got caught by cops for beating a red light, and subsequently, reckless driving. He was being charged 2000 pesos plus his license, and he was trying to beg it off, and what was awesome about it was that Lance had this brilliant idea of saying “Sam Milby” was in the car with us, and he had an interview with Sam Oh (At the front seat.), and we were in a hurry to get to the studio for the taping.

The cops bought it hook, line, and sinker. For crying out loud, when the first cop got wind of this, he called his other colleagues one at a time as if they had to talk shop, but really now, it was all a ploy to ogle a celebrity. Meanwhile, “Scam/Sham Milby” was smiling and apologizing that his driver was in a rush, and pleaded for leniency.

We got off with a 450-peso fine, but Lance’s license stayed with him.

.:Backblogging: Rated Sh-Oh-Biz!:.

While we were waiting for the next challenge to get set up, all four of us, Sam, David, Lance, and myself, were talking about showbiz. David had a mouthful to say, as he practically confirmed who was with whom, who was gay, who was dating whom, and so forth, and the fact that well, he was dating a Viva Hot Babe. My favorite surviving member, in fact, and that he was rumored with four other girls all at the same time, which was why he was due for an interview on The Buzz on Sunday.

It was madcap, and it deserves a very locked post in the near future, as I practically had a lot of good showbiz informations that you prolly won’t be hearing from The Buzz anytime soon…

.:Backblogging: Rated Oh-Kray!:.

The second and last challenge proved to be a killer: tinkling. Let’s just say that ironically, the Amboy, David, did best in this round, and my Dance Dance Revo skillz were no much to the constantly increasing speed at which I had to keep up with the bamboo sticks.

Afterwards, we finally had dinner, and the dinner was definitely awesome, to say the least. It was a grill buffet, where after having starved ourselves prior to dinner by talking about our favorite kinds of food, we then looked at mounds of succulent meat and seafood that they would promptly grill for us when we ask for it, and we’d get back the finished product in all its glory. Lamb, beef, pork, chicken, lobster, mussels, shrimp, salmon, all of that was fair game… mmm.

.:Backblogging: Rated Decish-Oh-N!:.

And of course, after dinner, Sam finally made up her mind whom she would date from the three of us…

And of course, she picked…

Well, tune in on Sunday, 11 PM, ETC, to find out.

Didn’t think I’d give away the ending just like that, did you? ;)

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