Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Sometimes, a thoughtless word can mean the end of a phase
Sometimes, a simple "sorry" can make a world of difference
Sometimes, it instead merely hastens the fall from grace
Sometimes, life just really don't make one lick of sense

Sometimes, one must learn to read another's mind
Sometimes, one has no choice but to leave memories behind
Sometimes, the facts are clear for everoyne but you to see
Sometimes, it kills me how you can take it all so casually

Sometimes, it is about friends, at times, about lovers
Sometimes, you attempt to hit two birds with one stone
Sometimes, you feel unique, just like all the others
Sometimes, it is better off to just leave well enough alone

Sometimes, I wish you would know better for your own boon
Sometimes, I wish all of this weren't gone too soon
Sometimes, I wonder if you see the grief you put me through
Sometimes, I wonder if I even meant a damned thing to you

Sometimes, a little empathy goes a long, long way
Sometimes, a bit of sincerity can cause a sea of change
Sometimes, a simple smile can brighten up my day
Sometimes, loneliness and sorrow no longer seem so strange

Sometimes, I patiently wait for you to come around
Sometimes, it is I who must reach out and cover ground
Sometimes, it is all a matter of knowing where you stand
Sometimes, it is all a matter of not overplaying your hand

Sometimes is but of mere moments, but what moments they are!
Sometimes can tear a friendship or rend a heart asunder
Sometimes, wounds may heal, but leave a wretched scar
Sometimes, sometimes can unfortunately last forever

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jactinglim said...

it all boils down on what's the right thing to do at the right time :)