Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Over The Weekend...

.:Movies, Movies, Movies.:.

I saw “Art Museum By The Zoo”, which was definitely one of the most well-written Korean films I've ever seen. I just am sadly not in the mood to write reviews at this point. Nonetheless, I loved it, and it was an especially awesomely romantic Korean film.

In contrast, “Dead Or Alive” was just bad. Really bad. It's not worth watching, because there are better sources for eye candy, to begin with, and this movie is just so bad but not so bad it's good.

Kevin “Diesel” Nash was in the movie as Bass. Collin Chou stars as Hayate, and he looks nothing like a Japanese guy when you see him the second time. By the way, Collin Chou was Jet Li’s dad in “Fearless”.

There were logical gaffes that were just soooo annoying, chief amongst them the fact that the head of surveillance, Weatherby, reveals his boss’ plans to Helena.

The catch? They get caught by the surveillance cameras. For a computer “genius” and a surveillance “expert”, that was nothing short of stupid. Why not write it down? Why not whisper it?

And oh, yeah. The evil overlord’s plan was to gain the fighting styles of the best fighters in the DOA tournament, and use them to sell to other people all over the world in the form of sunglasses that give you an amazing tactical advantage over anyone who isn’t, oh, I dunno… using a gun? Seriously. Is being a martial arts expert going to be better than just purchasing a nuke for you to become an overlord?

And predictably, at one point, his sunglasses get knocked off, which makes him a sitting duck for the DOA fighters. Talk about predictable as Hades.

Don't even bother with this film. It’s two hours of your life you’d be wishing back. If you want a “bad” movie that’s actually fun, try “Crank” or “Snakes On A Plane”. Bad movies are at least supposed to be fun, and this film is just so terribly mediocre, it can’t deliver even on the “fun”.

That’s kinda sad, considering how it’s supposed to be a chop-socky action film, and yet, even the action is just so… mediocre.

.:Vocal Challenges:.

So it was a relatively big group that got together last Saturday night for videoke. There were nine of us in total: ND, El, 'Elle, Johan, Myca, Moon, April, Debs, and yours truly. It was a pretty fun night at Music 21, although it was preceded by dinner at Mang Jimmy's. On the way to Music 21, they were asking who was riding with whom, and of course, Estelle volunteered to ride with Johan and Myca.

Myca: Wow, thanks! So, you'll be riding in front, then?

Estelle: Oh, $%*&...

Looks like there wasn't much faith in Myca's driving skills.

So after some time, I ended up riding with Johan and Myca, and we were talking about how creative the people of Gigolo's are at making their theme nights.

They had two amazing zingers: “The Devil Wears Nada”, and “The Pirates Of Carribugan”. I don't know about you, but that is one heck of a creative team right there...

But I digress, really. We got there, and while waiting for a room, first blood was “You And I Both”, then we had “The Longest Time”, and after a while, I had my solo run at “Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos”, which really put my vocal skills to the test. I think I acquitted myself on that count fairly well enough...

There were a lot of amusing bits here and there, especially since as a rule, only new songs were going to get sung. The killer though was that I really gave Stevie Wonder a shot, and I went ahead and attempted to sing “Lately”. Needless to say, it wasn't easy, but except for the highest of highest notes, I think I hit it. Oh, well.

There isn't really much to say about these videoke sessions to be honest. It's been great, and I suppose while things could use a bit of changing up in the future, videoke sessions rock.

.:Double Exposure:.

Apparently, I was mentioned in passing in Panorama this past Sunday by Tita Toots. That, combined with my TV appearance on Rated Oh last Sunday, resulted in a double-exposure. I can’t believe how bad I sounded on TV, though. I guess hearing my rendition of “All By Myself”, as well as hearing my speaking voice on TV when I don’t modulate the way I do on radio.

It was awfully nice of Estelle to let me drop by her place to watch TV and see the episode last Sunday night. It was way cool seeing myself on TV, even if I wasn’t particularly glamorous that day… heh.

I also have to extend my thanks to April for letting me hitch with her to Estelle’s place. It was a rough day.

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