Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rated Oh Replays...

For those who missed my appearance on TV last night, well, you can check out the replay of the episode on the following days:

Tuesday - 2PM
Wednesday - 8AM
Saturday - 8:30AM
Sunday - 4:30PM

See? No more excuses to miss it... haha.


ozy said...

saw the show, knight number 3 has serious issues. i think sam was forced by her producers to pick sham. personalities have to pick what they represent.

see you around and advanced happy birthday!

btw i know how the balloon trick works :D

Kel Fabie said...

Issues? What issues?

And... errrmmm... how did the balloon trick work?

ozy said...

the way he thinks he is superior to the rest of you but well tapos na yun.

the trick with the balloon is kinda sad. there is no trick. the magician pops it and subsequently poops it out. rubber is organic.

for the cloth coming out, before the balloon part the magician did put silk into his hand and made it disappear and reappear right? the same principle follows with the cloth coming from his mouth. he used what magicians call a fake thumb. it holds the cloth and can be hidden rather easily. so he just hides it where he wants it and makes his tricks look "magic"

Kel Fabie said...

Oh. The "superiority". Don't worry. It was all an act. We were all asked to be pricks to each other on-cam. =P

As for the balloon trick... that's interesting, but it doesn't make sense. The baloon was long. How does he stuff it all in without popping it?

But I know about the thumb tip. I used to have one myself, but it's too obvious when viewed from a near distance.

ozy said...

oh ok.

same with people swallowing swords. i saw an x-ray of a guy with a sword in his esophagus before, takes practice but that's they way it goes. i guess the magician was really good so as not to have revealed the thumb tip :D