Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Enjoying My Leave Today...

.:My Alma Matters:.

I visited Don Bosco yesterday to see how things were going, and it looks like the Foundation Day celebrations won't be until Thursday. Well, no worries. I was just awfully glad to have found the time to see my high school Alma Mater again, and it was cool doing a bit of Liquid Metal for them.

I have officially destroyed over a hundred forks at this point already... hehehe. It's worth it.

.:JGL Assemble!:.

Last night, I was at the Chua residence #1 (Bautista.), and it was just a gathering with friends for pizza, conversation, and videoke.

The attendance was Ranulf, Mario, Clair, Charo, Peppy, and someone I met for the first time named Eugene.

That being said, Sacha was the host, and of course, Tita Harvey, Tito John, and Kathy were around as well.

Dinner was very sumptuous and I did a little bit of magic, but the highlight of the night was most definitely the videoke session. We sang songs we never sang before, such as “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin”, and “I Honestly Love You” in my case.

For the most part, we really had an awesome lineup of songs, and we had a great time as Mario was melting at the cuteness overload from the girls. It was overall a great get-together, and I managed to bond with Sacha when I was worrying a bit about my situation with my Beloved. It was great that I managed to spend time with them, and I'm sure gonna miss Sach once she comes back home this Friday.

.:A Few Words For Bessie: A Sent Letter:.

Dear Bess,

Don't worry about me too much when I tell you I sometimes can't reach you when I really need to talk to you. I understand you perfectly well. I really do. =)

It's hard to keep in touch with friends when you're buried in work. I know that all too well, particularly since I usually end up getting sick when I do that for you guys, and end up taking more leaves I shouldn't have. Hehe. Nonetheless, it's not a big deal.

I know you'd still be my friend whether or not you're going to always be there for me when I need you. You're my best friend, and when it counts, you've always found ways to help me out of any pickle or jam I find myself in.

So don't worry, my dear. I'm here for you, and you or I being overtly busy, cranky, stressed, tired, or plain lazy won't change that. That's what friends are for.

Your Bessie-Moo,


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