Tuesday, January 30, 2007


.:It Just Ocurred To Me...:.

... Kami lang ba ni Jonas ang hindi nakapag-uwi ng Krispy Kreme donuts?



Ganns said...

Marami kayo. Most of the folks at our Lucky Table (the one beside yours) didn't get donuts.

But with all the other freebies - including the kick-butt USB fan from eyp.ph that is cooling me as I type this - I'm happy.

AXIL0M said...

ze meesturh vader wuz too buzzee wowing ze ladeez wiz his mageeck :O

Marcelle said...

Ganns: I hope I won't miss out next time. Hehe.

Axilom: I don't think Bro. Bo counts as "ze ladeez", but yeah, you have a point. :P

Shari said...

Dapat minagic mo. :p

I wasn't able to get a KK box too, as mentioned in my blog. Sayang nga eh. My mom was excited pa naman, le sigh.

benj said...

Kerygma = Smegma


anyways, I think Darwin and the other guys from that table also didn't get to munch on their doughnuts. hehe

i got really worked up with the "mister vader" LSS schtick. Lo and behold, it was actually mister raider. stupid me. hehe

Jonas Diego said...

Well I did get to take home a bag of goodies, a USB fan, and wine from Marks and Spencers so I'm good. you, my friend, however gave magic and took home adulation.

Not a bad deal. ;)

Marcelle said...

Shari: Why didn't I think of that? Hehe.

Benj: Mister Raider? Haha. Close enough.

Jonas: Amen to that. Who'd have thunk it, huh?

lateralus said...

so you actually named it for that song? hehe

i think that song was called 'mr vain'

Marcelle said...

Lateralus: I got my name from the age-old joke: why do they call Darth Vader "Lord" Vader?