Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part V

.:My Stupid Mouth...:.

I've never felt more like you're not over her than now. I feel like I'm just an extension of what you had with her. I guess this is the leveling off I needed over how I felt today. I'm not mad or anything. Don't feel bad din that I feel bad. I just need you to leave me alone for a while. I'll text you when I'm over it. Good night. This is a message you should keep.

.:Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Volume 5:.

My stupid mouth
Has got me in trouble

It seems to always be the case that when the going is good, you just have to say something stupid to secure yourself back in the doghouse.

I said too much again

You really should learn to keep my mouth shut. This isn't the first time this happened. Your mouth has written a check your @$$ can't encash. Saying “I'm sorry” can only do so much. The damage has been done, and now, you practically undid all the progress you've made for the day...

To a date over dinner yesterday
And I could see she was offended

A date, a phone conversation, anything. Kel just keeps on letting his mouth run off and just ruin everything. His one shot at making this work, and he keeps on screwing it up just when the going is good. The shadow hanging over his head refuses to go away, and he knows it's because he perpetuates it and continually acknowledges its existence.

She said, “Well anyway...”
Just dying for a subject change

At this point, the conversation is dead. What else can you say to each other? You hurt her feelings again. Now, she feels little more than an extension of your past, when here you are, trying to build a future around and with her.

Oh, it's another social casualty
Score one more for me

Way to go, Kel. You just shot yourself in the foot.

As usual.


How could I forget?
Mama said, “Think before speaking”

One would suppose conversations lasting eight or so hours tend to keep you from thinking straight, but that's no excuse for making the girl who makes you feel like the luckiest man on Earth with her love like some kind of a second fiddle.

That's not what she is to you. She means the world to you, Kel.

She is your world.

No filter in my head
Oh, what's a boy to do?

If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing!

I guess he better find one soon

Yes. You had better. For your own sake.

We bit our lips, she looked out the window
Rolling tiny balls of napkin paper

That's that. You should've bitten your lip sooner. That might have kept this whole mess from happening.

I played a quick game of chess with the
Salt and pepper shaker

Skirt the issue all you want, but at the end of the day, you blew this one. One can only hope this isn't your last chance, but it could very well be...

And I could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn

It's an eggshell you now have to dance on. The more of these that come along, the less there is to say.

Between what was good, what just
Slipped out and what went wrong

You really couldn't have picked a better time to muck things up...

Oh, the way she feels about me has changed
Thanks for playing, try again

You've got a long way to go to make up for this. It never fails. Instead of making her feel like the wonderful, special person that she is, you make her feel that she's as good as anyone else and there's nothing about her that you can't find in any other girl out there.

I'm never speaking up again, it only hurts me
I'd rather be a mystery than she desert me

You have to learn to keep your mouth shut when the going is good. She finally told you she loves you. She's beginning to understand how hard she's fallen after all this time.

Oh, I'm never speaking up again
Starting now

How much are you willing to bet that you still would?

One more thing...

Pay up.

Why is it my fault?
So maybe I try too hard

Kel can't do otherwise. When he finds someone worth giving his all to, he holds nothing back.

But its all because of this desire

Passion is not a crutch.

I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funn
Looks like the jokes on me
So call me captain backfire

Well, isn't that the way it always goes? The road to Hades is paved with good intentions...

Oh, I'm never speaking up again

Won't you, really?

Starting now

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