Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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.:Archie Comics Takes A New Turn:.

As a kid, I read Archie comics a lot. It was formative to my personality, as I incorporated a lot of the personality I got from that comic book into how I am, even to this day. I eat like Jughead, I'm (sometimes) girl-crazy like Archie, I'm (sometimes) malevolent like Reggie, I'm (sometimes) a doormat like Betty, and I'm nerdy/geeky like Dilton.

I love Archie comics. I've been a fan for years, and whenever I have the chance, I still read it. There's nothing quite like enjoying an Archie misadventure as he tries to juggle Betty and Veronica on a date at the same time, or a story about Jughead running away from Big Ethel. It's been done a million times in a million different ways, but it never got old.

So it's quite a surprise to me that they are making this change:

Whoa. Did I just see Archie's art style turn "realistic"? Even worse, don't Betty and Veronica look absolutely anorexic? I shudder to think how Jughead would look like, but I'm very skeptical about the direction of both the art and the "longer, more realistic stories" they are touting.

How do you make plain ol' Archie "realistic"? Teenage pregnancy? On-panel drug abuse? Homosexuality issues? CONTINUITY?!? Because seriously, if you're just going to go the route of love stories and draw them out instead of making Archie Comics funny, you're going to alienate the strong fanbase Archie has who enjoy Archie comics for who they are: one-dimensional characters that are putty for entertaining and often funny stories...

They already turned Sabrina into a manga, and while that worked, that's because the stories were inherently the same, and the quirky art is just a matter of opinion. Now, with the new Archie line, they're touting not only the new art style, but the new direction of storylines. Gah. Color me skeptical.

.:If You're Going To Do Something, Do It Right, Or DON'T DO IT AT ALL!:.

If you want to be friends with me, then be friends with me. Don't give me a half-baked excuse for "friendship" and then cry foul when I call you on it. I'm not the one with issues about the past, apparently.

If you want to give me the details about your relationships that I don't necessarily want or need to know, can you spare me your self-righteous act that you so like to tout only for me to discover from a friend I introduced to you that you've been lying through your teeth to me all this time?

As your friend, I didn't need to know these details, but you encouraged me to ask and told me you'd be up front with me.

Instead, you lied to me, and to me, it's not even the fact that you've done these things, to which I will just say it's normal and perfectly natural, but to which I would say you didn't have to effing lie to me about them.

Spare me the details. I guess now I know why I haven't been too compelled to talk to you for the longest time.

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The new style has no charm. It's just not...them. Betty and Veronica for one (or two) are not sexy anymore.