Monday, January 08, 2007

Random Updates...

.:And A Partnership Would Hopefully Be Born...:.

Jay and I talked about it, and we decided that it'd be a good idea that we'd come together as a Mondo Magic-ish tandem and do street magic on camera in hopes that someone would catch on and like our material. It's going to take some coordination and a load of effort on our parts, but I have to say that I'm very confident of our prospects here.

So far, we've talked about it when we met in Eastwood today, and I think this is going to really work out well, since our routines are so radically different that it's not going to be a problem if we did magic in the same area. He's better with card magic and mentalism, I'm better at forks, coin, and ring magic. Even our patter styles are widely different.

Well, let's hope that “Kel and Jay” get to tear down the house. Next thing you know, one of us is gonna get mauled by a white tiger. Haha.

.:When In Town...:.

Well, both Abby and Sacha are in town for a while before classes go back and so forth, so it was really great that I managed to meet up with them.

Abby and I met up at Seattle's Best by Megamall, and just really talked about things, for the most part. I must say that I had loads of fun talking to her, and she definitely enjoyed seeing the stuff I do for shows, especially, so it seems, the fork.

Afterwards, we went shopping for a cellular phone, so we ended up going around St. Francis Square.

Last Saturday, I ended up hanging out with Sacha and the JGL at Tsoko Nut in SM Makati, which was really awesome, since it's been ages since I've seen a good chunk of the JGL. Estelle was with me, and she got along just fabulously with the JGL.

What was amusing was that on top of the time we spent together, I ended up being approached by someone who seems to have noticed my magic show, and asked for my calling card. I have to say that moments like these remind me why I do what I do...

During that night, I tagged along with Estelle to see a night of Pyrolympics, which, while cool, really tired me out especially when they made me game master of a mano a mano challenge... gah.

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