Thursday, January 25, 2007

Random Thoughts

.:What A Disgusting Commercial...:.

Have any of you guys seen that really repulsive PCSO commercial? The one where someone is singing and thanking PCSO for its "love" and "caress"? The one with videos upon videos of GMA doing charity work, as if they weren't politicking enough without having to pollute my television?

Ugh. Can't they just get off my TV? The politicking is so annoying already and I can't help but change the channel in disgust when that idiotic commercial comes on. It's shameless, it's tacky, and somebody should really shoot the advertising agency that makes these commercials.

.:The Oscar Nominees Are Out...:.

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for his role in "Blood Diamond", but not in "The Departed". I somehow feel that the former is his weaker role of the two, and so I am inclined to think it's going to be Forrest Whitaker who gets the win.

I am so rooting for Marky Mark to win the Best Supporting Actor category. He was awesome in "The Departed", and the role he played wasn't even important at all in the Hong Kong original, "Infernal Affairs"! He gave life to an otherwise throwaway character, and I was rooting for him all the way until the end. Who'd have thought Mark Wahlberg would be an Oscar contender after being a rapper and an underwear model?

"The Prestige" is nominated in two categories, and I hope it would win at least one. Despite the hype, it is still a better film than "The Illusionist", by my estimate.

"Happy Feet" had better win in the best animated film category...

And of course, out of all the films there, I want "The Departed" to win in the best film category...

Well, let's see how the Academy tallies up. Heh.

.:More Sana Maulit Muli:.

Tristan is in a time flux right now and he sees events playing out the second time around, but this time, he has knowledge of things that have happened in the past.

Jasmine died in his arms, and he was willing to go through the pain and misery of having her die, so he struck a deal with Death to turn back time for a second chance to do things right, but he is warned that he cannot and should not change what has been decreed to happen.

He defies Death, but in doing so, events are thrown awry. It's similar, but it's no longer the same. Subtle differences, as if entering an entirely different universe, have been materializing. Jasmine is repulsed by Tristan because he comes on too strong. Camille may turn out to be the real Poknat this time around, and not Jasmine. Tristan's actions have been changing a lot of things, but Death reminds him that it won't save Jasmine's life, and that's precisely the problem. In his attempt to change everything, he's just making things worse.

I love the song "Sana Maulit Muli". It speaks volumes of why for the longest time, I refused to give up in the face of adversity, but as we clearly see, even turning back the clock with the knowledge of how things play out may simply not be enough to set things right.

I ask myself what it truly entails to be given a second chance. Do second chances really have any weight, to begin with? Or are a good deal of them just futile attempts at recapturing lightning in a bottle? The moment has passed, and if even turning back the clock to set things right can instead set things into disarray, what then for those who can't even do that?

I ask myself if I would ask to turn back the clock to relive moments with someone, even if the result would still be the same no matter what I attempt to change. I ask myself, for whom would I do this? Would I just do it for anyone, or only for one or two people?

Am I willing to go through things a second time around? Maybe I wasn't understanding enough, maybe I wasn't kind enough, maybe I didn't give enough? Maybe I pushed too hard. Maybe I could've done things differently. Maybe I could've loved more. Maybe I could've loved less.

I don't know. I can't know. That's the beauty and curse of reality. I only get one shot at making things right, and if I blow it, my chance has passed me by, but my life hasn't. There will be other opportunities to set things right, in whatever shape or form they may come.

Do I want to turn back the time now? At this point, I may actually have to say "no". The present and the future has little to do with the past at this point, not by my own choice, but nonetheless, it is the case, and somehow, I doubt turning back the clock, or even erasing my memories ala "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" would change any of that.

It is enough that I have loved and I have loved truly. If I cannot gain the same boon in return, I cannot fault the other person, much less expect.

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