Friday, May 30, 2008

Coming Up...


Looks like I’ll be training onboard with Joe Spinner on a more regular basis, 9-12 noon, starting yesterday.

Given how much effort I’ve been extending training at home, I think it’s a good time for me to start putting what I’ve learned at home to the acid test simply by going on the air and running with it.

Well, I’m really stoked and I really want to make good on this new chance to prove myself. Here’s hoping I really do well, because I’ve been building up to this opportunity for quite a while already…

Much thanks to the people who have been helping me out here and there. You all know who you are. ;)

.:Scheduled Shows…:.

Well, I actually have a couple of shows over the weekend, and they’re both really publicity-getting events, to say the least. This coming Friday, I’ll be present at Campus 99.5’s Redux launch party, and not only will I be there as part of the Aircheck team, but I’ll also be there to spread some cheer as I do some stuff for the people while I’m onstage. To say that I’m excited about that would be a gross understatement, as I do intend to really pull out all the stops when it comes to grabbing their attention, including a little bit of escapology for good measure.

On Saturday, I’ll be headed to Mall of Asia where I’ll be doing walkaround for Mangaholix. I’ll be meeting up with Jay Mata, as the two of us are going to go and perform there, and I’m pleased with this prospect because not only do I get to work with my very talented partner, but we’d also get to meet and perform for the cosplaying community, one of the two most appreciative communities I’m part of when it comes to my performances (The other one being the blogging community, of course.). Look for the two of us to perform for popular cosplayers such as Crissey, Joy, and of course, Alodia, assuming they don’t get completely swarmed by their fans at the venue.

On Tuesday, I’ll be in Taytay, doing a product launch for Alaska Choco. It’s one of the biggest corporate things I’ve done that doesn’t involve a convention or job fair.

All in all, it’s a pretty occupied week, and with Jay Mata and I continually cooking up something special, you can expect nothing but the best from the self-proclaimed Penn and Teller of the Philippines. Don’t miss out on Friday and Saturday (And Tuesday, if you're so inclined.): it’s going to be a Magikel time!

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