Sunday, May 04, 2008

If I Could Be Serious For A Moment...

.:Yet Another Passing...:.

Someone who has been a significant influence in my life has recently passed on. A high school teacher of mine, and to be honest, not one of my favorite people, but one I was always grateful to.

Teacher Glo was my first year Science teacher. She was also the moderator of the Don Bosco Technical College Young Broadcasters Club, which was the budding ground for high school kids who dipped their feet into radio broadcasting at a young age. The show, "Anak Gabay Mo", was a youth-oriented program in DWXI, where I had my first experience in radio. It was here where I learned how to write scripts, how to conceptualize segments, and so forth.

Teacher Glo was a controversial figure. To go through all the factors for that would be a great disservice to her, because despite all of that, she, for the most part, treated me well. Love her or hate her, she was someone who really influenced me and made me believe that my love for radio could transcend it merely being a hobby to something I could actively be a part of. If it wasn't for Teacher Glo, I cannot understate that it would be highly unlikely I'd even consider getting myself into radio.

Three days ago, due to complications with diabetes, Teacher Glo Flores passed away, and I take consolation in knowing I've thanked her for making a great impression in my life. As Ric Flair once said, it's not what the person's reputation is, but what they have done for you. Some people may actually feel happy Mrs. Flores is no longer with us, but I know that on the day she passed on, that part of me, wide-eyed and curious about all things radio, will miss her terribly.

Godspeed to you, Teacher Glo.

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