Thursday, May 22, 2008

Posting About Job Fair Day 2 Next Time, But...

.:Your Moment Of Zen...:.

Prepare to be rickrolled in real time!

It's confirmed! Rick Astley is gonna be doing a concert here in the Philippines in Araneta this August! This is a picture of his poster, which is already posted all over Araneta.

Even better, I have a friend who just might get me tickets, since she works in Araneta!

Man, I can't wait. I sooooo can't wait!!!

P.S. Roderick Paulate as front act PLZ! KTHNXBAI!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL so many people are going to be Rick Rolled on that concert

JayDJ said...

Hindi pwedeng di mawala si Roderick Paulate dito... either as front act, kaduet, kasayaw, or kahit front row seat na mas hihiyawan siya ng mga tao keysa kay Rick Astley. hehehehe!

Carmi Martin must be there too.. siya ang kapartner niya sa Dick & Carmi nung naguso ang Rick Astley songs and performances ni Kuya Dick ! mwehehehe!