Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Films, One Day...

.:Two Films, One Day...:.

So I hung out with Elbert and some of his students again, mainly because the heavy rainfall yesterday resulted in a power outage in the Katipunan area. We ended up watching Iron Man, and I think it was an exceptionally fun film, to say the least.

It was fun and all, but when I got home and electricity was back, I proceeded to watch a classic, and possibly the first dark comedy I've ever seen, “Penn and Teller get Killed”. The film was a laugh and a half, and it was inevitable for the dynamic duo to actually have performed some magic over the course of the film. A cameo by the Amazing Randi didn't hurt the film, either.

Sometimes though, I do wonder how it's possible (Assuming it's true.) that after all these years, Penn and Teller have a purely professional relationship and aren't friends at all. How would that work, and what keeps these two people from becoming friends, in the first place?

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