Friday, May 02, 2008

I Bit The Bullet. I Want In That Much...

.:Meet Your New Campus Airchecker...:.

Eleven years after DWXI, five years after Radio 1 in RX 93.1, four years after starting off in WAVE 89.1, and a week after my quickly-aborted run as a jock in Campus FM, and I'm now back in radio as a Campus Airchecker.

Yes, put down that eyebrow. You read right: I'm a student DJ trainee all over again. It's not the ideal situation, but I'd take it over completely letting the radio ship set sail on me when I know I can still make it back on the air as part of the Campus Air Force soon enough, assuming I work hard enough to earn my spot.

It's weird, really, because the only reason I'm still eligible for Aircheck is because I'm finishing my M.A. in Ateneo. It's a tough situation to find myself in, as I would obviously not take any other job unless it's part-time or pays exceedingly well, but there you go. I need this. I really want to make good on being a jock, and Campus FM is the place I feel I could really make a lot of headway in terms of improving myself and making myself worthy of becoming a radio personality.

I'm a bit depressed about how things turned out, but what can I do? I have a long way to go, and to this moment, I can't even say "truth" without it sounding like "troof". Ugh.

So yes, I am taking this temporary setback as a challenge for me to improve myself. I can only hope that my shows and hostings and whatnot can hold out as I go through this coming thesis year without faltering as I do whatever it takes to prove myself worthy of being part of the airwaves once more.

The Triggerman has given me a challenge. Now, I must step up.

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Anonymous said...

good luck, mistervader! :)