Thursday, May 15, 2008

Second Day Of Retraining...

.:Blogging Post Will Have To Wait...:.

No picture with David Celdran = No entry! Hmph. I want that pic, and I want it nao! Hehe...

Paging Aileen, here's hoping you have the picture already... you know it practically completes my childhood. Hehe.

.:Training, Day 2:.

I'm here at Campus 99.5 again, and on my way to the station, I finally got to meet Mo Twister, whom I've never run into prior to today, because he's usually out when I swing by the Magic booth, like the other day, where Mojo greeted "Mister Vader" on the air again... heh. During the RX days, I was paranoid about having my name said on other station on the air, because I didn't want to incur sir Louie D's wrath... I guess I can just be grateful I can breathe easy nowadays when it comes to that.

In any case, the training is going to be rather intensive. While I can handle the technical side of things here in the station, it's mainly my ad libbing and my diction that needs a lot of work. Years of being accustomed to autopilot on WAVE has dulled my improv abilities, and I'm real grateful to Joe Spinner for taking me under his wing and telling me where I could improve.

Having said that, I guess it's time for me to head onto training for now. There's nothing much happening to me lately, although there's a bit of buzz going on regarding some new shows I might find myself doing over the next couple of months...

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