Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sometimes, I Lose Faith In The Human Race...

.:Utter Balderdash:.

I've seen a lot of hideous things in my life, so watching the video itself didn't make me feel particularly bad.

What got to me though was the minute I read the comments, I was just driven nuts by the amount of ignorance spouted by some of the commenters there. Were we even watching the same bloody video?!?

If you look clearly at how the three-hour ordeal played out, the girl was clearly at least half the size of the manager's fiance. This meant that if the girl didn't do what she was being told, the guy was more than capable of beating her to a pulp, or worse. To say that the girl was a "slut" or that she "was enjoying herself" does not excuse the guy from doing what he did to her.

The girl was clearly on edge, and was afraid. She didn't know what to do, and for a moment there, I just thought that people had better sense than to take goddamned advantage of a girl who was out of her wits at the moment. I don't care if she was genuinely being "stupid", that's not an excuse to take advantage of her.

Scum like that man and his fiancee ought to be put in the slammer with the key thrown away. To have to read hundreds of comments at the end of the video pretty much blaming the girl for what happened to her is just depressing. Generally, I get annoyed at people who expose secrets in magic videos in YouTube, but I've never been this angry over a video before. The sheer bigotry and callousness of people who believed the girl deserved what she got was just crazy. You think she could just run out of that small room without the guy putting up chase and potentially killing her? You think she can just think of the best way to escape her ordeal when she's clearly scared out of a year's growth?

There's a double standard right there, and I'm sure people wouldn't be saying that if the guy were in a situation where he had to take off his clothes for a gay guy at gunpoint. Given the size differential, the other guy in the video didn't need a gun to implicitly threaten the girl with harm, and like those people who end up confessing to crimes they don't commit thanks to torture, we're looking at someone who did what she did under duress.

Even if we pretended that she wanted to do these things, why the hell did the guy do it? His fiancee was walking in and out of the room, dammit!!!

After the tragic murder of the hitchhiker for world peace, you can understand the amount of vitriol I have for the human race.

Sometimes, my faith in the human race really just falters. This is one of those moments where I don't understand how people could sleep well at night acting this way.

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