Friday, June 13, 2008

And Then There Was One...


Today's show with Joe Spinner was loaded with excitement as our moods swung in time with the NBA Finals. Pro-Lakers Joe was uppity for the first three quarters, and then I started becoming all smiles during the fourth quarter, where Boston pulled a miraculous run that saw them win the game with a 6-point lead against LA despite being behind by double digits going into the fourth quarter.

'Twas all good, and a short visit to WAVE and RX proved to be rejuvenating, not to mention a quick rendezvous with my Beloved really completed my day. My thesis seems to be on track, as well.

It was a pretty awesome day, to say the least. =)

.:The World's Hardest Game...:.

Trust me. You will tear your hair in frustration!

.:The World's Hardest Gay...:.

Trust me. You will want to be an HG Bouncer. Fooooooo!!!

.:Kel And Jay's ToyCon Schedule!:.

We'll be at ToyCon this Saturday and Sunday! No need for a meet and greet, just get ready for the Kel and Jay experience!

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