Sunday, June 01, 2008

When The Dust Has Settled...

.:Campus Redux: Eastwood Central Plaza, Friday Night:.

Picture courtesy of Cherry

Well, I couldn't find any images for when I was onstage, but I must say, Campus Redux was a huge success for the people of Campus 99.5, as people literally swarmed Eastwood Central Plaza on a Friday night, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the unbelievable lineup of artists made possible by the rebirth of the Campus:

Dice & K9!




6 Cycle Mind!





and... Bamboo!!!

It was a big night for the Campus Air Force, and definitely more of the same for even us Aircheckers, who were all part of the festivities. Everyone was definitely excited about the event, and the sheer energy of the crowd all throughout the night was simply unbelievable. People were cheering from beginning to end, and yours truly even had the honor of opening for the program, as my mentalism routine became the front act for the bands.

From the Shanghai Shackles to Fiber Optics to Liquid Metal to Abnormal Lift to Plunge of Death, I managed to capture a bit of an audience, building up excitement for the rest of Redux as I hyped what was going to happen later that night in the middle of my patter. I even ran into some of my students from Reedley International School that day, and one of them was kind enough to be my guinea pig as I went and hypnotized her for the Abnormal Lift. Shanghai Shackles got some laughs, but Liquid Metal and Plunge of Death definitely got the best reactions overall.

It was amusing to note as well that the name "Sparky" was in full swing, as almost everyone that night refused to call me anything but "Sparky", even longtime friends like JayBee... there were some exceptions of course, like my godmother (Who was actually a client for the event.), who referred to me by my nickname, and some Brewsters who knew me as "Vader".

Anyways, my small segment was a success, and I was exceptionally grateful that Fuse even thanked me by name in the middle of their performance, after thanking John Hendrix, Triggerman, Jimmy Jam, and the other Aircheckers. Sir Jimmy reminded me that it was a magical segment in a Campus show, not a Magic show... heh.

Throughout the rest of the night, I was hanging out with my Aircheck batchmates, going around and talking to a few of the bands, going onstage when I had to, and even staying for a bit at my ninang's table for a while before I headed back to the backstage area. At some point when everyone was onstage, I was being goaded to dance, and Zack Attack proceeded to push me in that direction... it was nuts, I tell you. Considering I didn't really drink that night, it was just insane. =P

Went home after the party with a very big grin on my face, knowing full well that this is only the beginning for Campus 99.5.

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