Monday, June 09, 2008

Sigh... Heh.


Truth be told, it's just really a load of fun for me lately as I've been trying to get back into the groove of things as far as going on air happens to be. Campus 99.5 has been a really fun place to hang out in, and everything's been falling into place slowly but surely.

The past weekend saw us Aircheckers take part in a seminar on ad libbing, as all of us were assigned to prepare three ad libs that we could use for the assembly at hand. There were memorable moments left and right when it came to that, considering how hilarious it was to hear our respective bloopers, moments of insight, and weird choice of words.

As usual, I ended up introducing Rick Astley during my time to ad lib, as I am wont to do. Given how jokes of calling me "Rick Sparky" have been running around lately, well there.


There remains much to be said about the craziness that transpired during our on-air forays, including the tasteless Rudy Fernandez jokes (God rest his soul.), but it appears that whenever we come up with a corny joke here at Campus, the coined term for it is that it's a "Baranggific" joke, such as the David Cook jokes by John Hendrix, as well as the new tandem of Zack Attack with Matt of Aircheck, who will come to be known as Matt Atat. =P

So come April Fool's will we have I-Sparky and I-Stroberi? Makintab. Matamis. Yeba!

As I go along, it may be quite a difficult road for me, but I'm certainly happy at the pace I see myself headed in, truth be told. Opening for Campus Redux a couple of weeks ago really saw me gaining a lot of confidence, and now that I'm going on air every 9-12NN with sir Joe Spinner on a daily basis, I can definitely say that it's really an awesome and exciting time for me.

Speaking of opening for a big event, Why don't you add your Filipino events?

Hey, you never know, right?


Nothing spells "ho-yay" better than two grown men asking each other about curtains. =P

Having said that, Jay Mata and I accrued quite a few important items recently for our shows, including handcuffs. Of course, I have a few extra uses for the handcuffs though... hehehe. We spent the whole day trying to find stuff in 168, and it all went well, although we really couldn't find any contact juggling balls, and the traffic jam en route to Divisoria was unbearable. We couldn't stomach running over the hundreds of pedestrians who decided that streets weren't meant for cars.

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