Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday Always Comes Too Late...

.:Penn And Teller, The Philippine Edition, Coming Up...:.

I didn't get to stay too long for the ToyCon yesterday, and neither did Jay, but that was because we had to prepare more lengthily for today's run, which will definitely be punctuated by some incredible feats, to say the least.

This is the last day for the ToyCon, and if Azrael is serious about what he's saying, there won't be another ToyCon organized by him next year. As a show of support for the guy, Jay Mata and I will be doing some snazzy stuff at the ToyCon today. Expect nothing but topnotch magic, mentalism, and comedy from the topnotch duo of Kel and Jay.

.:Nissan Grand Livina Vida Loca!:.

Campus 99.5 and Nissan had me as their entertainer for two of the Nissan showrooms in Manila, and it was an amazing time, indeed.

Representing the station, I performed my stage act for the people in attendance, and they were certainly pleased, to say the least. I did my routine twice for two different venues, making it a total of three shows I've done in the span of one day. It was exhausting, but it was definitely well worth it to see the great reactions from the audiences, who especially found the shackles bit very amusing, not to mention the Liquid Metal stuff, which is still getting awesome responses all around.

I went from U.N. Avenue to J. Abad Santos in record time, thanks to the fact that my shows were spaced just a bit under two hours apart, and I needed to perform for about an hour per show, so that just made things even more hectic. I even threw in some value-added entertainment for the J. Abad Santos venue later on, because I was waiting for Jay Mata to show up so I could let them see him perform, and they were impressed, to say the least. There's also something to be said about the Blindfolded Drive, and how Jay is probably the best guy I know who can do it.

.:Hangin' Out:.

TSC was the place to be afterwards, and swapping stories with the guys was fun. Rocky Racoon proved his usefulness for me the past day, and I definitely got big laughs from the jokes that just write themselves...

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