Monday, June 09, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise...

.:A Lovely Shock:.

My Beloved dropped by my house last Friday, taking me completely by surprise, to say the least. After a week's worth of woes, headaches and various other mishaps, the sheer surprise I felt over being dropped in on when I least expected it simply made everything all better.

Just having the opportunity to spend time with her and hug her really turned my week around. I was tired, cranky, and ultimately, going through a lot of stress. Thanks to my Beloved, though, I managed to make it through the week despite all the stuff flying in my face, getting my spirits down somewhat.

Having said that, I'm really just in a haze the past few days. I feel so lethargic, and I can hardly really write anything, despite the fact that last week's pair of shows were extremely interesting, to say the least, and they definitely helped fund me this semester, as I had to pay quite a hefty tuition since I not only am doing my Thesis, but I'm also keen on taking Fr. Bulatao for Audit...

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