Sunday, June 29, 2008

Magical Backblogging...

.:Showing Up:.

It was the first time I encountered the famous Lou Hilario, pretty much the number one magician for children’s parties, bar none. As he put it, if your parents don’t get Lou Hilario for you on their birthday, they don’t love you. Lol.

Sir Lou’s routine was definitely eye-popping and incredibly amazing. He has a repertoire that never fails to catch the attention of the kids, and even the adults have their moments of fun, particularly when he made some political jokes, where he asked a parrot wearing a GMA mask to resign… I was laughing my head off, to say the least.

Having said that, other than his comment about the fact that I was not especially dressed up for my table set (He commented that the new generation of magicians don’t seem too keen on dressing up.), he paid me a compliment when he mentioned that if Balloon Creations was getting me, then I must be good. That was quite a shot in the arm for me, to say the least. I’ve never seen Mr. Hilario perform before, so watching a master at work really made me stop and stare, knowing full well that I was watching perfection.

Sir Bing, my mentor, was always singing Mr. Hilario’s praises when it came to magic. He practically worships the ground Mr. Hilario walks on when it comes to that, and I can see why.

.:Amusingly Enough…:.

Thanks to my walkaround set at the party despite the storm last Sunday, I ended up performing for a table where there were organizers from ICA who needed a host for their variety show and their prom.

Needless to say, I was floored when they asked me to do the honors. I almost blurted out that I’d gladly do the show for free, and anyone who reads my blog often enough would know exactly why I was just overjoyed over this prospect.

This is definitely exciting news, to say the least. It’s like I died and went to the promised land. ICA! ZOMG!!!

.:PW II:.

Jay Mata and I were at the TSC gathering last Saturday, and we performed the routine known only as PW II. It got a huge laugh from the people, and I just have to say that it was but a sample of the irreverent, zany humor that you can get from Kel and Jay.

So Jay went up there and asked someone to name a single digit number, and TJ, the volunteer, promptly said 13, well after Jay wrote his prediction. He was screwed, since he only wrote one digit.

That’s when Jay put the white board in front of him, and began to perform PW II, to a chorus of laughs.

P.S. “P” doesn’t stand for Pocket anymore. =P

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