Tuesday, June 17, 2008


.:Food For Thought...:.

Initially, I wanted to post my support for journalist Ces Drilon, who was kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf. While I of course am hoping that Ces Drilon gets out of this in one piece (As well as the other two captives, for that matter.), what Dominique told me about this so-called "Filipino Caste System" made me think that in all likelihood, we'll be seeing Ces Drilon back, alive and well, sooner than later.

Regardless, I do hope she'd return alive and well.


Well, not by much, really. Being back on air does make me feel pretty normal and all, though. Sir Joe Spinner has been an excellent mentor, and we do get along marvelously well, for the most part. Due to quite a burst of gigs that came my way (Unexpectedly at that!), I actually treated him to lunch at Italianni's, and we stuffed ourselves silly.

Having said that, I'm still doing what I can, trying to improve bit by bit, day by day. I'm still on air everyday, from 9-12 noon, only on the number one hit music station in Metro Manila, Campus 99.5.


... I found myself booked again! And on such short notice!

I'll tell you more about it next time...

.:New Linkage...:.

Added to my blogroll recently... Just Jokes! Sometimes, a bit of humor can really go a long way...

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