Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Are Sick

.:Face Down On The Ground:.

My back hurts. My throat hurts. Dammit.

I ended up not going to Campus today, simply because I felt too sick to get out of bed. I think my bed itself is also misshapen, which results in my bad back, all the same.

Having said that, I guess I needed to take this day off. I'm so exhausted after having had next to no sleep over the past couple of weeks, thanks to my extremely busy schedule which saw me in Taytay then La Union in a span of 24 hours. After all that stuff, and the fact that I had little sleep to work with, you can surely understand why I ended up getting sick... not to mention the fact that the wonky weather and the uber-cold air conditioning in Campus would certainly take its toll on me.

I'm trying to spend this day just getting myself back into gear. I'm really feeling the crunch, but I'll just keep on keeping on.

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