Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Another Political Lambaste...

.:Finally, They Wise Up:.

Mike Defensor has said he intends to drop his perjury case against Lozada. Citing the fact that the judge in charge of the perjury case was clearly biased in favour of the accused, Mr. Defensor felt that it would be better to just drop the case instead, and I, for one, am happy about that.

What should’ve been settled a long way back has instead dragged on, thanks to all the side issues that popped up, including this whole HK scandal. Back then, a few more conscientious bloggers were wondering aloud about what has been happening to Jun Lozada, and now, we find out that to this very moment, he’s obviously still in jail.

If one Hayden Kho needs protection from a drug pusher, there is no question that one Jun Lozada needs even more protection, seeing who his enemies happen to be. Vigilance is necessary. We all have our own concerns and causes and stakes in the country. It’s best for all of us to not allow ourselves to become swayed by the storm of issues that could sidetrack our main concerns.

Just a thought, really. I don’t have anything snarky to say about Mr. Defensor.

.:Welcome To The Circus!:.

It’s facepalm-inducing, the kind of ruckus the senate is generating over this whole scandal. I really wish it would just go away. They should really know when to quit it.

Senator Jamby Madrigal, when she ran for senator last time, claimed she’s anti-traditional politics. I don’t really see anything “untraditional” about how she’s comporting herself at the moment, sadly. Senator Bong Revilla’s attempt at being the paragon of machismo, on the other hand, is simply backfiring. The fact is, Mr. Kho’s groundswell of support is unbelievably getting stronger and stronger by the day, and a lot of that is simply because clearly, the response to this whole issue has been bloated and exaggerated.

What’s even crazier now is that the OMB, given directives most likely from above, have been ignoring other pirated DVD’s and seizing only the scandal videos of the people concerned. If that isn’t turning a blind eye to everything else that’s obviously illegal in selling pirated DVD’s, I don’t know what is. That even pirates are saying that selling the scandals are “prohibited” while everything else being sold is apparently not is quite a glaring sign of misplaced priorities here.

Let me paraphrase the title of an album from one of the bands I am an eternal fan of, Radioactive Sago Project...

T@ngina mo, ang daming nagugutom sa mundo, papogi-pogi ka pa diyan sa Senado?

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