Friday, June 19, 2009

Yet Another Political Lambaste...

.:You Go, Mo!:.

I think it’s obvious that strictly based on preference, I am more of a Chico and Delle fan than a Mo Twister fan, but Mo’s clever line of questioning was just amazing and made of win. It’s not every day you get one Matt Defensor to implicitly admit that our dear president isn’t clean.

.:When Armida Speaketh...:.

Armida Siguion-Reyna’s recent commentary about the CBCP is certainly right on the money. It appears the church is more concerned about meddling with what people do in the bedroom than with the fact that we have other demons to battle: demons that lurk at the highest of the high, exerting their will and power over the rest of us who simply have no power to fight back.

And it just got me to thinking why I find much disdain over the lack of relevance the church, my church, the one I’ve been apologist for all of my life, is displaying, seeing it fit to meddle in politics and to meddle in the RH Bill, and at times, to even outright spread lies about contraceptives, all in hopes of protecting the almighty and sacred sperm. Sperm is good, sperm is great. If you waste any, God gets very irate. I’m sure Monty Python would agree.

So riddle me this, dear CBCP: while you are so busy trying to dissuade people from knowledge and education the way you forced Galileo to recant about what he has discovered, how does this save souls? How does this alleviate poverty? How does this combat the evils of this world, or hey, as Ms. Siguion-Reyna was so blunt to point out, corruption, or what looks to be an illegitimate rule that has been far too long already?

You say that you wish to make Christ relevant to all these people, yet you could only refer to lame rhetorics and traditions to back you up, all the while fearing progress and ignoring the truth, from your absurd obstinacy in believing in creationism, to your insistence that man was made for woman, and not man for man, never mind the biological proof staring you in the face.

I’m not a moral crusader. I am a crusader for equity and respect for the human person. What bewilders me is that you, dear CBCP, a group of distinguished church leaders who have committed yourselves to be a “church for the poor” as of Vatican II, still live in ivory towers, yet choosing to impose a double standard whenever you see fit. Castigate leaders who may take advantage of a political rally, but not so much as condemn the cheating that has occurred in 2004, one that our dear president has “apologized” for.

Do we even need to remind you that our dear president used the Lord’s name in vain when she said “God made her change her mind,” resulting in her going back on her word and actually running in 2004 after promising she wouldn’t?

What other people do in the bedroom should be none of your concern. What other people do with a country you swore to help save, on the other hand, should be at the top of your issues. What worth is a morally upright citizenry when its leadership sees it fit to rape and exploit this citizenry in whatever way they see fit?

You are in a better position than I am to do something good for this country. As such, I implore you, as a person who still believes that this church is worth being a part of: open your eyes, open your minds. Would a good God truly tolerate such wickedness in his midst? Did He not cast them out of His temple?

The Reproductive Health Bill is small fry. It is the least of our worries, dear CBCP. Seriously.

.:There Are No Words:.

I can’t believe I’m writing yet another political post. Then again, the government seems to be cranking its craziness factor.

Why are we letting a convicted child rapist run around establishing a theme park for kids with our esteemed president’s name plastered all over it? That’s like asking Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to walk your poodle!

I don’t know how blind people have to be to let this glaring error of judgment pass. Romeo Jalosjos was convicted for acts of lasciviousness and statutory rape. Why are we letting him run an establishment that would put him in a position to have more potential victims? Are you going to let R. Kelly babysit your daughters? I think not.

When Good Times Manila poked fun at the possibility of Jalosjos founding an exclusive school for little girls, I chuckled at the sheer absurdity of it. Finding out about Gloria’s Fantasyland, well, I can’t help but facepalm because this time, it’s not a joke.

What’s wrong with these people? Why are we allowing these dolts to run roughshod over the justice system? What about the girl who was raped? Did anyone ask her if she thought her oppressor should run free? Wasn’t it bad enough that he was living like a king in jail?

There are no words for the sheer injustice we are witnessing happening right before our eyes. One wishes we can do more, but for now, perhaps writing about this, and sharing my indignance, will show more and more that contrary to what our esteemed officials may think, people do care what’s going on in this country, and it’s not all about serving our own selfish interests all the frigging time.

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