Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Amused Thoughts...

.:Jericho Rosales’s Hilarious Sunsilk Commercial...:.

I don’t need to add any commentary to this, really...

“Mga ‘tol, si Echo ito. Usapang lalake lang, mga bro. Huwag muna kayo bumili ng Sunsilk sachet. Baka kasi manalo kayo ng trip to El Nido kasama ako. Hindi naman sa ayaw ko kayo kasama, pero mga bro, El Nido yun. White sand, sunset, tapos ka-holding hands niyo ako. Dyahe naman, diba?”

.:Break A Leg? Why?:.

I don’t get why people always tell me to “break a leg” when wishing me luck.

Whose leg am I supposed to break? Mine? How is this supposed to give me good luck?

But I think it makes sense now, if you think of the leg as a wishbone. Yeah. That’s what it is. A wishbone. But I’m still not breaking my own leg...

.:The Last Known Survivor Of The Titanic Has Passed Away...:.

Now that she has passed away, there are effectively no more Titanic survivors.

One does wonder if she was an organ donor, though. That way, her heart could go on.

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