Monday, June 22, 2009

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt:: Make That Change!

.:It’s Time To Make A Change...:.

When it comes to “change”, few people can capture the notion better than one Michael Jackson. In his song, “Man In The Mirror”, he sang the immortal lines:

I’m gonna make a change (Uhh!)
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right...

I mean, who better to talk about change than a guy who used to be black, but is now whiter than an albino, right? Change is really the one thing in this world that’s permanent, and I know for a fact that there’s always room for improvement in our lives.

We have so many bad habits, so many things we keep on doing, even if we know it’s no good for us. As Destiny’s Child put it, “I told myself that I would make some changes | But the more I change there’s one thing that remains the same | I can’t seem to shake ya | You seem to really have a hold on me...”

Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, in the interest of self-improvement and making changes that are actually going to be good, Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt has actually launched an excellent campaign on Facebook, enjoining everyone to “be good” to themselves. Give up a bad habit, pick up a good habit in exchange. I’m sure if we all looked hard enough at ourselves, we’d see a habit or two we’re better off without, after all.

While yes, I did make a pledge, and I’m exceptionally hellbent on making sure I keep that pledge, wouldn’t it be nice to discover what pledges some of the other famous personalities around us would be making if they actually took part in this campaign? Sometimes, celebrities need to be reminded to be good to themselves too, you know!

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: GOODBYE democracy; HELLO monarchy!

Chantal Umali: GOODBYE Carlo; HELLO hotdogs!

Loren Legarda:GOODBYE Nokia 3210; HELLO Ma Ling!

Mar Roxas:GOODBYE gas-guzzling cars; HELLO pedicabs!

Kim Chiu: GOODBYE sabit; HELLO happy period!

Sam Milby:GOODBYE talong; HELLO upo!

Mon Tulfo: GOODBYE cuss words; HELLO swear words!

Marian Rivera: GOODBYE making taray; HELLO breaking pledges!

Bong Revilla: GOODBYE inutility; HELLO mayhem!

Katrina Halili: GOODBYE Clear; HELLO Hayden Shoulders!

Hayden Kho: GOODBYE scandals; HELLO waxing salons!

Elton John: GOODBYE yellow brick road; HELLO Mrs. Jones!

Air Supply: GOODBYE; Lionel Richie: HELLO!

.:In All Seriousness...:.

... I think it’s a good idea to be good to yourself and do your health, sanity, and soul a favour every now and then. For instance, after last night’s spa treatment, I discovered how much bad stuff I need to flush out of my body, due to never having watched what I ate for too long. There’s so much room for improvement, and it’s never a bad idea to be good to yourself!

That, and if Nestle hits 10,000 pledges, they will be making a substantial donation to charity, so that's pretty awesome, too. =P

Without any further ado, here’s my pledge...

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