Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This News Made Me Sad...

.:The Sumilao Farmer Leader Was Ambushed...:.

This article really hit me. I've written about the Sumilao farmers in the past, and I feel saddened by the fact that people are too busy trying to change the Constitution or throw rocks at Hayden Kho to care that this travesty happened.

Because really, How dare Congressman Antonino say that we oppose Con-Ass due to our self-interest? Whose interests are these pro Con-Ass people pushing for, anyways? As a private citizen who pays his taxes, I have every right, as do all the dissenters to want to protect our interests, because hey, apparently, a good chunk of our dear congressmen aren't out to protect them for us.

We don't see the point in changing the constitution now. Why didn't they do that way back in 2004? 2005? 2006? Hades, maybe even 2007! Why are they doing it now? I'm sorry, but even from a pragmatic point of view, even all notions of "Gloria for Her Majesty" aside, there is not one compelling reason why changing the charter now instead of after 2010 is a good idea.

There is reasonable cause for alarm, and I don't see how people who take offense against a foreigner making a joke about our country could turn around and castigate us for taking offense at our own countrymen making a joke of our country.

The only difference? This joke is gonna hurt us. People throw a fit over being referred to as having mail-order brides, but nobody throws a fit at the mail-order congressmen littered all over the lower house, trying to push for a cause that is clearly urgent only to one beneficiary.

And no, it's not the Filipino people.

While a man who has marched hundreds of miles for a cause worth fighting for was taken from us in the dead of the night, are we going to let our democracy, our dignity, certainly a cause worth fighting for as well, be stripped from us in the dead of the night all the same? Are we going to let this go without a fight?

I think not.

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