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30 Days Of Music (28/30) : Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part XVII

.:Day 28: A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty – Lyrically Speaking Scribbles, Part XVII:.

I dunno... should I feel guilty for really liking this particular song right now? Then again, I can totally relate to the lyrics right now...

Nakita kita, may bagong kasama
Para mong shota nakaholding-hands
pabulong-bulong pa
Parang nung tayo, pero mas sweet pa...

Ever had those times where you wonder “what does he/she have that I don’t?!?” It’s rather interesting to think that all logic flies out the window when it comes to love, and you can’t really rationalize it when you get down to it.

And that’s what’s incensing sometimes, right? They rationalize their way out of your life, and then they pull a 180-degree turn and go back to the same old things, except for one thing: they’ve traded down. Down, down, down.

And you can’t even take cold comfort in the knowledge that everyone thinks they trade down, because the burning question is: why?!? What about you is so wrong that things have to turn out that way, no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you work at it?

It’s one thing to be left alone in the dark. It’s another to be lied to, and to see all your hopes and dreams shattered outside the realms of logic and common sense. It makes no sense to have to compete against a meantime option when you’re there for all time.

“Ladies, tell me do you understand? Now all my fellers, do you feel my pain? It’s now the way I feel, now it’s too late, I know she ain’t comin’ back.” Preach it, Usher. Preach it.

Ayoko ng gulo
Di ba’t sabi mo friends pa tayo?
So I said “hello”
And you turned to go
Napahiya ako
Nagmukha akong gago...

Friends can be lovers, but it does appear that more often than not, lovers can’t be friends. It’s all a lie: an insult to friendship, in turning it into nothing but a consolation prize for a failed relationship. And I don’t really know why this persists, and how one could deal with it, but it is what it is, painful as it may truly be.

Ano ba ang pinagmamalaki mo?
Ano ba ang pinagmamayabang mo?
Nakahanap ka nga ng iba, pero mare...

Remember when he promised he’d always be there for you? Remember when she promised you that you can still run to her? Remember when you texted him while you were crying your eyes out, and he was drinking out with his friends? Remember when you drunk-called her while she was awkwardly trying to drop your call because she was out on a date?

There’s just no easy way to break somebody’s heart, but seriously, have a heart. Don’t lord it over these poor unfortunate souls that you’ve clearly moved on, that what you had is nothing more than a pathetic little footnote in the book of their lives. After building all of that and striving to be the best they can be for you, how do you think it would feel to have all that come tumbling down?

Mukhang paa, boyfriend mo
Mukhang paa talaga...

Piece of advice to anyone going through a broken heart: don’t go out in a rush to lower your standards. If people are laughing at your choice and telling you that your previous one, despite the fact that you were so ashamed of him or her, was, in reality, light years the better choice. Don’t cherry pick and ignore what your friends say now when you did nothing but listen to them back then. When you know it’s not going to last, and when you know your heart’s on the line yet again, don’t you think it’s high time you simply stopped wasting your time?

Oo nga,
Siya ay macho, siya ay maskulado
Maganda ang porma, parang athlete
Athlete’s foot lang pala!

Another tip: don’t project. If you’re the one who can’t help but cheat, don’t make her life a living hell by insisting she’d do it to you. It’s not fair, and while the world isn’t unfair, it would really be nice if one of the few fair people in your life would be the people who claim they love you.

Otherwise, you’re just deluding yourself, and you’re making a mockery of everything you’ve gone through. When sometimes, a love goes wrong, do the right thing for yourself: be better for it. Don’t turn so wretched that it’s actually the other guy who feels sorry for you.

Siya na ba ang pinagmamalaki mo?
Siya na ba ang pinagmamayabang mo?
Nakahanap ka nga ng iba, pero mare...

One of the most painful things for someone to ever have to go through is seeing that person you love clearly with someone who can’t give them what you believe they truly deserve, when you know that you could’ve given them precisely that.

Is it selfish? Yes and no. It’s selfish in that you want to be with them. It’s unselfish because you know what they really need, and you still won’t stand in the way of their happiness, even if it’s killing you with each passing day. Kahit na mukhang paa pa iyan, eh kung mahal niya, anong magagawa mo?

Mukhang paa, boyfriend mo
Mukhang paa talaga

Indeed, the heart has its reasons which reason cannot know.

Tinapak-tapakan mo
Puso’t damdamin ko
Inalipusta ako
Inalipunga ka na ba?

To all those who are nursing a broken heart right now, believe me, someday, you will all look back on this day that you read this post and laugh when you find yourself in a better place. Perhaps that day isn’t today, but it will come.

And now, I’m projecting. That’s a wrap.

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