Thursday, May 06, 2010

30 Days Of Music (30/30), And Randomicity

.:Day 30: Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year:.

Was just really thinking what other song suits me better, but I think this one really encapsulated it. After thirty days of music, I still can’t help but think how great the month of songs really were, as I certainly went on quite a journey, and I hope I’ve influenced enough people to want to do the same thing for themselves.

During this time, unless I’m mistaken, Taylor Swift’s songs were gaining ground, and it wasn’t until September when Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech during the VMA’s. Despite that, I still liked this song, and I liked it even more after September...

And with that, we wrap up quite an epic trip into music. I hope you enjoyed it, and it looks like I know what I’ll be doing for next year’s Project 365, then.

.:DK Shenanigans:.

I swung by the Disenchanted Kingdom this morning, and it was a fairly interesting day, as we talked about crazy stuff over the course of the show, and I even ran into an old friend, Lee, formerly from Campus Aircheck. It was quite an enjoyable show, and Charl even dropped by to talk about the wonderful world of Toblerone chocolates.

It was quite an enjoyable time for everyone, and it was good to know that Lee is with The Farm now, as she will definitely prove to be an amazing asset to the station, if they had any idea what they really have in their hands.

Anyways, it’s all good. With things picking up for the Disenchanted Kingdom and with our plans of really cornering an online market the way only King DJ Logan can, you just know that big things are ahead in the horizon.

.:Laughs And Memories:.

Considering all the standup comedy I’ve been doing lately, it’s been very enjoyable so far, and as I’m approaching my first year as a standup comic, I can’t help but look back at a good year fondly.

I think that when I-Blog 6 rolled along, the celebration after the event sort of capped how happy I really was with my new world of standup comedy, as a few of my blogger friends joined me host Mike Unson’s show that night.

For years, I-Blog was always a highlight for me. This year was no different, but it took on an interesting turn, as I enjoyed the after-festivities even more than I did the actual I-Blog, and mainly because I finally found something I enjoyed doing so much.

I keep joking that with each breakup, I find some new talent I could (hopefully) excel at. I’m slowly finding my smile again, but I want to take things slowly. All I know is that I have loved and given my all, and I want to regain myself to be able to do it all over again without shortchanging that woman I choose to love.

And for heaven’s sake... let her be the last one.

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